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Your Company Should Be Using OdorXit

If you find your company type on the list of business types below, you WILL benefit from using OdorXit Products!

If you don't find a source for OdorXit Products near you,
  • ask you local hardware store to start carrying it,
  • or order on line,
  • or call our toll free number 1-877-636-7948 to order during business hours EST.
Daycare Centers (diaper smells) Assisted Care Homes
Interior Decorators (pet odors) Remodelers (pet odor, cooking odors)
Carpet Cleaners Used Car Lots (tobacco odors) Janitorial Services (bathroom odors) Painters
Maid Services (control bathroom odors) Building Contractors Property Management Offices Apartment Buildings (removes tobacco smoke odor)
RV Centers (portable toilet and refrigerator odor ) Bus Companies (portable toilet odor) Taxi Companies (body odors) Limousine Services (spilled drinks tobacco odor )
Hotels (Oxidizes Odors ) Schools Dentist Offices Beauty Parlors/Nail Salons
Colleges (mold , pet and party odors) Antique Shops (mold on books, clothing, furniture) Sports Bars (spilled beer, food, smoke odors) Restaurants (spilled drinks, food & smoke)
Gambling Casinos Fish Markets Allergy Clinics Martial Arts Studio
Message Therapists Dry Cleaners (Urine odor on clothes) Storage Warehouses (Mold & spores Animal/Vet Clinics (Eliminates anal express odor)
Pet Parlors (urine odor) Chiropractors Flooring Companies Carpet Installers

Buy OdorXit Concentrate odor remover

If you are interested in becoming a stocking distributor, affiliate marketer, or retail outlet for OdorXit Products please call our toll free help line at 1-877-odorxit (1-877-636-7948) for pricing and availability.

We are also seriously exploring partnering opportunities for people who are interested in creating a business in the odor control/real estate rehab markets. With the foreclosure real estate market growing out of control and the number of pet contaminated houses growing almost as fast, there is a huge opportunity just waiting to be tapped

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