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Testimonials From Recent OdorXit Users


*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Brenda U. wrote:

OdorXit is my go-to for any smelly laundry problem.  When I had a load of wet towels sitting around too long, I thought I’d have to wash it several times but all it took was adding some OdorXit Concentrate in with my regular detergent.  I used to replace my toilet rugs frequently due to the smell, but now I wash them with OdorSit and there are good to go.

In fact, I use OdorXit for ANY smells around my house  garbage cans, smells caused by spoiled food and coolers included. With two teenagers in the house, I use it regularly for things like sports equipment and even burned popcorn in the microwave!  What I most love about it is it usually only takes one cleaning to get rid of the smell.

Brenda U.  West Chester OH

Fernando Sousa wrote:
Just a quick note to let you know the product worked as advertised (and then some!)
I bought an older boat and had no idea I would be dealing with rotten-moldy food on the galley, diesel smells in the engine room and - worst-of-the-worst - a leaking black water holding bladder. That in itself is a story I do not wish to even tell.
Well, I had tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. After following the advice"Get rid of the source first" and applying OdorXit as instructed, my guests smell nothing but cheese and wine on my deck. Even got compliments on how good the "head" smells. My engine room still has a hint of diesel, but, hey...It's an engine room, right???. Your stuff really works!!!
Thanks. I am a happy sailor.
Fernando Sousa - San Diego, Ca.

Linda Adams, Ohio,
OMG It works!!
Had a cat that urinated in one corner and nothing we did helped. Being an animal lover I could not get rid of her. Finally found this product, used it a few times and now she doesn't even look at that corner!
All I can say in THANKS!!!

Elizabeth Wyan, Cincinnati, Ohio
I wanted to tell you about how your product saved my laundry! I got so busy recently that I forgot about a load of laundry in the washer for about 3 days. I remembered while I was at work and when I got home I found what I feared: an entire load of laundry that smelled of mildew. I have never been able to get the smell of mildew out of clothes and had resigned myself to the fact that I had most likely ruined an entire load of laundry when I remembered Odorxit. I added about an ounce to the laundry, added soap and fabric softener again, started the washer and crossed my fingers. To my absolute joy when I pulled the clothes out of the washer – no Mildew smell!
Thank you for your wonderful product – I never have to worry about ruined laundry again!

Ann Morrison. Chandler, San Diego. “I had some mold in an area near the bathroom, and the stench went away after using OdorXit Concentrate. It was simple to use.”

Donna Weinzatl, Milwaukee area. She had a problem with cat urine odor, as an older cat had a kidney disease. She diluted the Concentrate, put it in a spray bottle, and put it on the carpet and hardware. “It works for everything—not just cats!”

Debbie Jones, northeast Ohio.  Used OdorXit for a mildew smell in a vacant house. “The help line helped me use OdorXit each time I called about the problem. I had to pull out the floor. There was a leak down a frame and underneath cabinets in the basement.”
“Every time I called, they were very helpful and kept offering advice and consultation over an eight-month period. I used the ‘package,’ and once we found the source of the odor, OdorXit solved the issue."

Catherine Ann Simpson, has a cottage in northern Michigan:  “The cottage is locked all winter with no air conditioning. We used OdorXit to freshen the air in the cottage. It worked well. “We'll use it on the cottage each season.

Ed Smith, Amelia, Ohio: He says he has purchased OdorXit several times. “I might as well be an ambassador for OdorXit,” he says. I’ve used it for skunks, mold, mildew, and likes the product so well, he has given it to 3-4 people” and recommended it to others. He says he originally heard about OdorXit from Gary Sullivan’s radio program.  “It is a great product; it really is!”  He says the web site emails are really useful, too. (Note: he couldn’t say enough good things about OdorXit; Marty ought to send samples)

Jeffrey Bachtel, Akron: This was his second order, and it “worked well.” He has two cats who miss their litter box. “It works better than anything I’ve tried.”  He says he heard about OdorXit on the Gary Sullivan program. “When I hear people call in about odors, I yell at the radio to get OdorXit and it will work!” He has referred it to friends.

Jennie Dorocak, Cuyahoga County, Ohio: “I have an issue with my dog, who was a rescue dog about eight years old. He did his business on cement, and he goes downstairs and does it on the basement floor. I’ve been using OdorXit, and I like it. I bought some more Concentrate and keep it in the basement.

“[OdorXit] does help me. The first time I bought the small one, and then I bought the 16 oz. Concentrate"

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