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Getting Rid of Skunk Smell Completely

Are you tired of messing with products that claim to get rid of skunk smell but don't really work? OdorXit Concentrate is the one that is safe, fast and really gets rid of that putrid skunk odor completely.
From everywhere!

OdorXit Concentrate is the only product the pros at Mandy's Dog-O-Mat and many other dog groomers use for getting rid of skunk smell when their clients bring in their skunked dog!

Now You Can Safely and Completely Remove Horrible Skunk Odor From:


(results are based on recommended usage)

I let my dog outside before I went to bed last night. Apparently he got too close to some of the skunks that live under our porch because when he came back in OMG! He had been skunked and the smell was horrific! I still had some OdorXit Concentrate left from cleaning up after my cats.

So at midnight I was giving Maxx a bath. First shampoo then the Concentrate diluted with water. Maxx was great. He let me get near his eyes and all over his chest. He hated the skunk odor too. By 1AM Maxx was dry and we finally made it to bed... OdorXit Concentrate did completely remove the stinky skunk odor safely and easily. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A grateful customer, Jackie M. FL and Maxx`1*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


Do You Need to Get Rid of Skunk Odor On Your Dog?

And Never Use Peroxide or Tomato Juice Again?

You put your dog outside one more time before bed. And he came in stinky. Really stinky! It was no cat, it was a skunk! And now you do need to get rid of skunk smell on your dog.

OdorXit Concentrate The 4 oz bottle (makes 1 gallon) is enough to eliminate odors on 2 small skunked dogs, 200 sq.ft. of hard flooring, 4-8 loads of laundry, your litter box 100 times, and so much more.

The 16oz bottle (makes 4 gallons) is enough for 10 skunked dogs, 16-32 loads of laundry, 1,000 sq.ft. of hard flooring, your litter box for the life of your cat and so much more!

OdorXit Concentrate gets rid of skunk odor on dogs IN JUST MINUTES!

OdorXit Concentrate odor remover

It's safe and effective enough to get rid of skunk odor from your dog, including:

  • Feet,
  • Face,
  • Mouth,
  • Ears and
  • Eyes.

Here's How:

  • Wash your skunked dog with detergent pet shampoo and rinse completely with warm water.
  • Add 30 ounces of water to 1 ounce of OdorXit Concentrate and wipe gently on your dog's face and fur with a sponge. Your skunked dog will be relieved of the skunk odor in minutes.
  • He'll smell fresh and clean and be sleeping with you the same night.
  • It's also safe to spray on floors, carpet, furniture, leather, clothing and anything else that the skunk smell came in contact with.
  • Works even when you add it in the washing machine to deodorize smelly clothes.

Our products are completely Safe for you, your dog, babies and the planet.

OdorXit Concentrate is GUARANTEED
to completely remove skunk odors or get rid of skunk odor on your dog or your money back

OdorXit Concentrate odor remover

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