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Discover How One Micro Pouch of Specially Formulated Deodorizer Can Easily and Safely Oxidize/Control The Musty Mold Smell That's Taken Over the Cabin Of Your Boat

Boats, because of their proximity to water, often suffer from odors that are very difficult to control. Eliminating these odors (primarily mold and mildew) even on air conditioned cabin cruisers is simply not an attainable goal. Long term control can be attained by the long term application of low levels of chlorine dioxide as dispensed by the extended release OdorXit AQM - Air Quality Manager deodorizing packets available from OdorXit Products. The products and procedure is described below.

This is a long term low level treatment procedure that requires one or more 10 or 25 gram extended release deodorizing micro pouch and a plastic pouch for each packet. The size of the packet to use is determined by the volume of the space being treated. IE, a 10 gram packet will treat up to 1000 square feet of surface area (count the amount of 'stuff' in the room, furniture, shelves, cabinets, etc.) for up to 1 month.

The 25 gram packet will treat 2500 square feet of surface area. If there are multiple and separate areas to be treated, multiple pouches need to be used.

  • Open the silver mylar packet. Take out the white micro pouch. DO NOT OPEN WHITE MICRO POUCH.
  • Place the white micro pouch in the plastic pouch and
  • Place the plastic container in the boat's cabin where odors are most intense. A clear plastic self adhering packet is supplied with each pouch for mounting the pouch in an inconspicuous place.
  • After 30 to 40 days, replace with new deodorizing micro pouch and discard the spent pouch in an outdoor refuse container.

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