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Getting Dangerous Odors Out of Sporting Equipment

Stinky Sports Equipment

If you are charged with storage and maintenance of expensive athletic equipment, you need to be aware of the number one underlying reason for equipment failure. Mold! Yes, mold fed by sweat, body oils and dirt attack and weaken the threads that hold your equipment together and the leather and fabric of that equipment too.

If you are interested in extending the life of your equipment and removing the mold, and body odors, you are in the right place!

Buy the OdorXit AQM odor remover

The odors you are smelling are not just body odor and sweat, they are also mold fungus and spores, athletes foot fungus, and very often a wide range of bacteria.

No doubt you are concerned about children and adults becoming very sick from just a small scratch on the playing field that was infected with staph bacteria or other bug! Very often the infection was from spores and bacteria living and waiting on your equipment. It can also be found in your locker at the sports facility, in the shower room, on the benches, and on the floor. Even if chlorine bleach was used to clean the equipment, clothing and facilities, the spores, and super bugs are still there waiting for a cut or scrape to infect.

The good news is that you can keep your equipment and locker odor and bacteria free with an unbelievable simple and easy to use product called OdorXit ClO2. Our smallest and lowest priced 10 gram packet placed in your sports bag or locker will kill the mold fungus, mold spores, athletes foot fungus, and even the Super Bugs and of course the odors for up to 30 days. There are larger packets that are designed to address much larger areas like entire locker rooms and other areas that are prone to mold and bacteria growth.

If you are interested in the technical stuff or just want to know more about this incredible product, there is lots more information about OdorXit ClO2 on this web site and the internet in general. Don't wait until you have a staph infection to act!

If you have questions, call the odor experts at 1-877-636-7948.

Last updated April, 2008

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