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*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Do you recognize this face? It belongs to Mr. Don Beck from Philadelphia's DIG (Diversified Investors Group). He is a nationally recognized real estate speaker and OdorXit user. This is what he said about OdorXit:
"While cleaning up a vacant apartment, I discovered the tenants had kept their dog closed up in one room while they were gone. Two corners smelled the worst! I sprayed OdorXit on the whole carpet. I came back 2 days later. The smell was better but not completely gone I vacuumed, and sprayed OdorXit one more time. The next time I came back the odor was completely gone. It was easy and inexpensive and I was able to re-rent the apartment right away." Don Beck, Landlording Expert.
Pete Youngs Hello,
It's Pete Youngs AKA Mr. Rehab
I am a national speaker on rehabbing real estate properties. Many of the properties I encounter have strong odors from cats, dogs, mold and other causes. Many years ago, Marty introduced me to a product called ODORXIT. I gave it a try and found the ODORXIT to work better than any other products I had been using. That is when I started recommending it at the seminars and conventions that I do across the country. I have been a contractor for 30 years and an investor for 20 and I use ODORXIT for all my properties. www.peteyoungs.com
This is Vena Jones-Cox from Cincinnati REIA. She teaches many nationally recognized and award winning courses on real estate. One of her stories about OdorXit is:
"We had bought a house that had been empty and closed up for over 18 months. It had a moldy, musty smell. It didn't need paint or carpeting but I thought we had to tear the carpet out just to get rid of the smell. But first I thought I would try the OdorXit . I sprayed it on the carpet. When I came back the next day, the house wasn't musty smelling anymore. I was able to show the house and rent it with doing any other work. I always have an extra bottle of OdorXit now!" Vena Jones-Cox 1999 President National Real Estate Investors Assoc . and Real Estate Investor and National know Real Estate Investment Speaker.
Robyn Thompson has become the reigning authority on rehabbing single family housed and then selling them retail for top prices. Aside from having her clean out crew use OdorXit, she tells her seminar and boot camp students to use it as well. There is no substitute. Robyn says:
"I just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for introducing me to this great product. I had a sick cat that somehow made its way into my completely renovated home on 62 Foster St., Meriden. The cat sprayed its urine all over the living room. My cleaning crew tried everything to remove the smell from the house. Nothing worked until I had them try your OdorXit Concentrate. The smell was eliminated immediately and the buyer was willing to continue with the transaction. I truly believe that the deal would not have closed if I would not have been able to rid the home of that horrible cat urine smell. Sincerely, Robyn Thompson , Home Buyers LLC" and nationally know Real Estate Investment and Rehab Speaker.
"To Whom It May Concern; We heartily endorse the use of OdorXit over any simi liar product. We have tried several different brands in the past with mixed results. OdorXit performs its magic with odors and then goes away. OdorXit is ideal for rental homes because it can handle different odors and it does not become part of the problem. Several brands may deal with odors but then leave behind an aroma that is almost as unpleasant as the original odor you were dealing with in the first place. Anything that does not leave a clean or no smell is not what works in rental homes. People associate odors with problems and with OdorXit, there is no problem. Louis D. Brown Trust Associates (Nationally known Real Estate Investment Speaker)
"I purchase properties and rehab them. At times I will get a property that has an odor problem. I use OdorXit on these properties and have found that OdorXit does an excellent job of eliminating the pet odors. I recommend OdorXit to anyone that needs help getting rid of pet odors from their properties." Alan Cowgill; Real Estate Investor and Rehabber.

Barney Zick died a while back but when he was with us as a speaker and real estate investor he uses OdorXit on all his smelly acquisitions.
"I want to thank you so much for sending me the two bottles of OdorXit Concentrate. In a house that we are renovating the smell of cat urine was so bad that you could smell it form the street. Our maintenance man used it, worked wonderful, He continued the renovating without any problem of odor. I highly recommend it to everyone!"

Bernard H. Zick

Real Estate Investor and National know Real Estate Investment Speaker.

"I had just closed on an ugly house. A cat had been locked in the house since I did the first inspection three weeks earlier. There was urine and feces everywhere. I threw the carpet out but the wood still had the strong urine smell. I figured I had to nothing to lose but the smell. I bought and tried my first bottle of OdorXit and was sold on it. I sprayed the whole house with 1 bottle. The smell hasn't come back over 3 years later!" Deb McMillan, 1999 President REIA of Cincinnati 2001-2003 President Ohio REIA and The Short Sale Queen®
"After returning from the 1999 NaREIA cruse, I left my brand new drag behind suitcase with some of the soiled clothing in our extra bedroom. Sometime in the next several weeks, one or both of my cats used the suitcase for a cat box. The clothes and the case were soaked with cat urine but fortunately the case did not leak. I took the suitcase outside and hosed it down then sprayed it with OdorXit Concentrate and water. The next day the urine smell was gone. I washed the clothes with detergent and 1 ounce of OdorXit. The smell was gone from the clothes too. I'm still using the suitcase!" Martin Meyer, President of Listening System Inc. OdorXit.

OdorXit® is the one that really works!

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