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Descriptions of OdorXit Products

OdorXit Concentrate

Simple and effective for all clothing, bedding, furniture and hard floor applications in homes, boats, RV's, kennels, catteries, rest rooms and many other areas where odors exist.

OdorXit Concentrate neutralizes the source of the odor.

OdorXit Concentrate can be safely sprayed onto any color fast fabric, carpet, concrete, coolers, dirt, drywall, furniture, leather, plaster, plastic, refrigerators, skin and wood.

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OdorXit AQM (CLO2)

AQM (Air Quality Manager) is easy to use, fast acting odor eliminator that removes odors produced by fungus, spores, tobacco and fire smoke odors, garbage odors, skunk spray as well as many other organic odors.

AQM uses chlorine dioxide gas as an oxidizer to eliminate odors quickly and completely.

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OdorXit Magic

Quick acting and long lasting though not a permanent solution to eliminating odors.

OdorXit Magic uses a gas absorption process to trap and neutralize a very wide variety of organic and inorganic gaseous odors in the air as they are being generated.

Because OdorXit Magic absorbs and neutralizes the gases we perceive as odors, it does not have to be applied directly to the source of the odor. It simply needs to be in the area where the gases (odor) are being generated.

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