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I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the help you gave me getting the odor out of the house I was rehabbing. I don't know if you remember, but this house just reeked of pet urine and feces. There wasn't a single room that didn't ligh up like a Christmas tree with the black light. I followed the instructions and in less than 3 days the smell was really gone. My wife and partner (with the super nose) could not beleave it. She was sure I had bought a tear-down house. Odorxit is great! Oh yea, I made a bundle on the house too.

Ralph D, Silver Springs, MD

Just a note to let you know that I used the Odorxit blue you sent me with the Teakguard kit on both the head and bilge on in my boat, and I am very pleased to report that both the odorxit and the teakguard performed beyond expectations. The odor from the holding tank and the bilge have just disappeared and the teak looks better that it has ever looked since I got the boat. A double header, who'd of thought. Thanks!

Charles W, Fairfield, NC

Dear OdorXit,

I'm writing you to thank you for offering such an easy to use odor control product that really works on used baby diaper odor! I have a 4 month old baby boy and because he is so good about traveling, I still have an active life outside my apartment which means visiting friends and family, many of which have no children in diapers and no diaper disposal facility. Now that Tommy is getting bigger, the lack of diaper disposal was becoming a more pressing problem. Ziploc bags were just not up to the task of odor control any more but your Odorxit Magic sure is. Just a couple of sprays on the used diaper and the odor is just gone. I never leave home with out it.

Karen Alexandria, VA

Dear OdorXit,

I have a condition called celiac sprue (intolerance to gluten found in wheat, rye, oats and barley). When I eat food with even a very small quantity of any of these products or products derived from them, I suffer with very smelly diarrhea, flatulence, and belching. It's really quite nasty and often embarrassing. Several times a year I have to travel with business associates to attend conferences and business meetings and often share a hotel room with an associate. Since restaurant food is the primary source of the gluten I ingest, traveling can be a bit dicey.

Step in OdorXit Magic. Well it doesn't stop my reaction to gluten unfortunate , but it sure stops the horrible odors. Your idea in the application notes to spray Magic into the toilet before use works great! I can't even smell the odor. What a product. Now if you would put it in a bottle I could take in my purse on the airplane it would be perfect.

Sue M. Queens, NY

Dear Martin,

Our kitty has the worst smelling poop I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to smell. It smells so bad that she will not even stay in the litter box long enough to cover it up. She just poops and runs. We have also tired different wet and dry foods too, they didn't help. It just seems to be the way the cat is. Don't get me wrong, this behavior is much better than not using the box at all, but is really smells. We even spent the money on one of those automatic scooping cat boxes, but the smell leaked out of the covered section and still stunk up the utility room where the cat box is located and the cat didn't like the sound it made. After finding you on Google and talking with you on the phone, I did what you suggested and went back to the old covered cat box with regular non clumping litter and sprayed the inside of the cover with odorxit magic. I couldn't believe the immediate improvement. Now Scamp actually covers her poop before leaving the box and there is no odor in the room at all. I still clean the poop out every day, and change the litter every week, but what's a small price to pay to not have the smell. Thanks for the help.

Jean R, San Diego, CA

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your help with my mouse odor problem in my garage and garage ceiling. I live in Sacramento and things tend to move around a bit here resulting in a poor fit between the garage door and the floor. The result of this little problem is that mice can easily get into the garage. The problem started when I decided to use De Con to kill the mice after many failed attempts to get them with traps. Let me tell you, having a few mouse droppings around was way better than having dead mice in the walls and ceiling of the garage (which is directly under my bedroom). The smell was unbelievable. Since the walls and ceiling were real plaster, not drywall, tearing them out to find and remove the dead mice was out of the question, but the odor was really bad. After finding you on the internet and buying the OdorXIt Magic, I sprayed it anywhere the smell was coming out of the wall and ceiling. What a difference. After the first spraying, the odor was gone for 3 weeks so I sprayed it again and its now been 5 weeks and the odor hasn't come back. I guess the litter buggers finally dried out! We now have a cat and a cat door into the garage. That was the end of the mouse problem but the beginning of another but the OdorXit Magic works on the cat box as well!!! Who would have thought.

Marcie M, Sacramento, CA

Hi Martin,

This is that old coot Donald with the colostomy you talked with a couple of months ago. I'm writing you to thank you for your help with this damn bag and the associated odors. You know the bag works really good most of the time, but when it doesn't, it works really bad and smells even worse. I must say, your odorxit magic product has been a life saver. Two weeks ago we were on a cruse in the Caribbean and I was trying to use one of those little bathroom stalls to empty my bag, and the ship lurched! What a mess. Fortunately it didn't get any on my clothes but it sure went everywhere else. I wiped up the mess as well as I could and sprayed the area with OdorXit Magic (from a little bottle I got at the dollar store so I could carry it with me even on the airplane). As usual, the odor was gone and I could leave the bathroom with pride and confidence that others could use the area as well. This colostomy has been a life saver for me even though it is a constant reminder of my cancer. Your odorxit magic product surely makes it tolerable.

Donald G, Columbus, OH

am Charlie, and I haven't talked to you before, but I would like to thank you for your Odorxit magic and concentrate products. I am a standup salesman. I do a lot of trade shows where the men's room is often a 5 minute walk from where my booth is located. This wasn't a problem or even a consideration until I turned 58 and the time between feeling the need and it being urgent dropped to less than 2 or 3 minutes tops. Even though I now request booths close to the men's room, circumstances often override a hasty exit. The point of this is that the little wetness in my underware that often happens smells bad even after laundering. I guess that it is no surprise to you that the odorxit magic sprayed onto the area fixes the odor, and the odorxit concentrate removes the odor when laundering. What a life saver and for me a job saver. Customers visiting my sales booth don't want to smell stale urine when talking to me and with odorxit products they don't have to. Why don't I wear depends? NO WAY!

Charlie F, Miami, FL

Dear OdorXit,

"Thank you thank you thank you for your product. We live in central Florida in a ranch style house with lots of trees and bushes. The roof rats climb up and get in through the sofets in spite of our best efforts to stop them. When they get into the attic and die, they stink for weeks. Your OdorXit Concentrate products is the only one that got rid of the odor and it only took about an hour for the odor inside the house to be gone. Great stuff!"

JoAnn R, Orlando FL.

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