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OdorXit's AQM ( Air Quality Manager ) CLO2 Product

is an easy to use, safe and fast acting odor eliminator that uses chlorine dioxide gas to destroy/oxidize (combine with oxygen and reduce or eliminate) many previously tough to remove odors.

This new patented process safely and easily eliminates/reduces/oxidizes odors caused by fungus, spores, tobacco and fire smoke odors, garbage odors, skunk spray, body odor and many other organic odors with just this packet and a small fan.

OdorXit AQM and MOMS odor remover

Occasional reapplication on reoccurring odors will lengthen its ability to neutralize and oxidize/reduce the odor sources indefinitely.

OdorXit AQM 30 Day packets are available in 10 and 25 gram reactor packets. Both can be accelerated to be 1 Day packets by standing the packet up in 1/8 to 1/4 inch of water. Used in 30 Day mode the packets slowly release chlorine dioxide gas for up to 30 days depending on the relative humidity (R.H.) (the higher the R.H., the faster the packets will produce chlorine dioxide). In 1 Day mode, the packets will release the same amount of chlorine dioxide gas but in just 24 hours. More information on using fast vs. slow mode.

The 10 gram packet is appropriate for up to 1,000 sq ft of surface area to be treated, 25 grams is good for up to 2,500 sq ft. of surface area.

OdorXit's CLO2 products use the contact chemistry process of chlorine dioxide to oxidize/reduce and eliminate a wide variety of organic substances that cause odors. Because OdorXit's CLO2 products oxidize and neutralize the source of the odors, the odor never returns unless the treated area is re-contaminated.

OdorXit AQM and MOMS odor remover

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