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Applicators for OdorXit Concentrate

Applicators For OdorXit Concentrate

OdorXit Concentrate is a "Contact Chemistry" product. This means that it must come in direct contact with the material causing the objectionable odor in order to eliminate the odor. If OdorXit does not come in direct contact with all of the odor causing material, the odor will not be completely eliminated.

Therefor, using an approprate applicator for the specific task at hand is an important part of getting the desired results from OdorXit.

  • For very small areas (one time pet accident), a trigger pump sprayer is completely acceptable.
  • For small areas and taxidermy, a 1/2 gallon hand held tank sprayer will perform very well.
  • For larger areas you may want to consider a 1 or 2 gallon garden or deck tank type sprayer.
  • And for those really big jobs like yards and gardens, several adjustable mixture rate End-Hose Sprayers are now available, are cost effective, and work very well.

Do Not use tank sprayers that have been used for bug poison, yard chemicals or deck sealer to apply OdorXit. Always start with a new sprayer and use it only for OdorXit..

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