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Oriental Carpet Recovery

Because of the unusual beauty and high cost of Oriental carpets it is almost always prudent to make a concerted effort to recover them from urine contamination. This can present unique problems for several reasons.

Problem #1

The most prominent of theses problems is that Oriental and Middle Eastern manufactured carpets have not been treated with any type of stain resistant material. This leaves the carpet and backing vulnerable to both urine stains and odors. This condition also promotes the storage of urine and urine residue in the carpet nap and backing.

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Problem #2

The second problem is that Oriental carpets are almost never laid over any kind of padding. With no where else for the urine to go, the carpet backing material ends up with the bulk of the urine residue instead of the padding (which is the case with normal carpet). This results in a very high level of urea salt deposited in the carpet backing.

Bonded vs. Crystallized

As we have mentioned elsewhere, when urea salt begins to precipitate out of decomposing urine, the first layer of salt chemically bonds to the material it precipitates on. This layer or substrate will not wash off and is no longer water-soluble. Subsequent layers of precipitating urea salt form salt crystals on this substrate. The crystals are water-soluble and will wash out or contaminate adjacent areas if given the chance. The trick is to not give the salt the chance to contaminate other areas of the carpet during the salt removal and OdorXit application process.

Small Carpet Light Contamination

If you are working with a small carpet and the contamination seems to be minor (determined by the lack of staining on the back of the carpet and floor) cleaning the contaminated area with 1 part OdorXit, 1-2 parts carpet cleaner containing surfactant and 30 parts water in a home carpet cleaning machine and spraying or cleaning the back of the carpet can be effective though it is not always.

If the contamination is more sever, evidenced by stains on the back of the carpet and floor and the contaminated area is near the edge or corner more aggressive action needs to be taken. If the carpet is too large for you to handle safely or the contamination is not near the edge, do not attempt the following procedure.

Larger carpet Heaver contamination

Assuming that the carpet is small enough (one that can be hung over a porch railing, fence or other straight and rigid support) and you have the facilities, carefully hang the carpet over a rigid support so that the contaminated area you are treating is the lower most part and there are no wrinkles or folds in the carpet. Saturate the contaminated area (front and back) with a mixture of 1 part OdorXit, 1-2 parts carpet cleaner with surfactants, and 20 to 30 parts of water. Stronger solutions have not been shown to work better. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes and thoroughly rinse the contaminated area with cold water using a hose with a nozzle. Let the area dry naturally and out of the sun. Force drying can cause shrinkage that is not repairable and will cause the carpet to not lie flat on the floor.

If your carpet is too large for you to safely handle or you do not have the appropriate setup to hang and rinse the carpet, find a local carpet cleaning professional who has a carpet cleaning machine designed for cleaning Oriental area carpets. (These machines were last made in the 1930s and are fairly rare though some custom built machines are starting to appear). Have them call us on our toll free help line 1877-ODORXIT (1-877-636-7948) for assistance. They will probably resist calling us because they are the carpet cleaning experts and know more than anyone else about carpet cleaning. And though this may be true, they are not odor removal experts. Just ask them for a guarantee on the odor removal.

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In all cases, it is very important that some OdorXit solution come in direct contact with all of the odor causing agents. If the OdorXit solution dries before it soaks into all the contaminated area, the odor will not be completely eliminated.

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