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Mold and Mildew

If you have visible spots of mold growing on your walls, ceilings and/or floors, you are faced with a very difficult, dangerous and potentially costly situation. Serious mold contamination should be taken very seriously. Spraying OdorXit liquid odor control products on the problem will not oxidize or abate the mold. OdorXit Concentrate and Magic are not fungicides, they are odor removers. There is a huge difference.

OdorXit AQM - both chlorine dioxide (CLO2) products on the other hand do oxidize mold fungus and mold spores on contact. However, if there is mold growing inside walls or in areas and on materials that the gas produced by OdorXit AQM don't reach, the mold will not be effected. Even in open area like basements where there are lots of boxes stacked or cloths hanging air circulation is essential to eliminating the mold with OdorXit AQM. If there is mold growing on drywall you need to determine if the mold infestation is limited to the surface or if it has managed to grow through the drywall. If the drywall is soft or wet, the chances are that it needs to be removed and replaced, if the drywall is solid you will need to wash the fungus off the surface before treating it with OdorXit AQM. While the area where the drywall was removed is still open, the interior components of the wall should be treated with AQM. Boxes packed with musty or moldy smelling contents should be unpacked and the contents separated so the AQM vapor can get to the fungus and oxidize it. Because the slow release packets produce vapor for 20 to 30 days, there is plenty of time to expose the contents of the boxes | a few boxes at a time.

Any closed area that has musty or moldy smells has some mold fungus growing whether it is visible or not. The mold spores are what is causing the odor. Further, if the relative humidity is reduced to levels that cause the mold fungus to start to go dormant the level of mold spores will increase sharply. Areas like this can be treated very effectively with OdorXit AQM with either the Fast or Slow Release version of the product. The important point is to use the proper size packet to treat the area and provide adequate air circulation. Audio testimonial from Gary Sullivan's "At Home With Gary Sullivan" syndicated radio show.*

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Also, mold produces a product called mycotoxins which can be very toxic.When the mold is oxidized it turns into a powder that is heavily latent with these mycotoxins. The evil black mold (Stachybotrys) has a mycotoxin that is really toxic. There are other color molds that are just as toxic but not as ugly. Washing a formerly mold contaminated area with a mixture of Dawn detergent, ammonia and water works well to remove the nasty mycotoxins. Make no mistake, mycotoxins are nasty stuff which should be handled with great care and caution.

While you are doing the cleaning up work with mycotoxins, it makes perfect sense to be wearing a well fitted respirator with a good pair of goggles. Not a paper mask or scraf, but a charcol filtered respirator which allows NO air to seep in around the seal. And tight fitting goggles to keep spores out of your eyes. Mold likes to grow in warm, dark moist places. Your lungs and eyes are a perfect example and you want to keep the mold spores out.

Wear a tight fitting respirator, change the charcoal filters every 12 hours and if the mold is severe - worse than mildew or musty smelling - wear a respirator when you are just in the room - before cleaning up the mycotoxins too. SAFETY for you and your family FIRST!

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Updated January, 2011

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