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Odors in Leather

STOP! Before You Throw out that Stinky Leather Couch or Clothes!

Get the Odors Out Safely with OdorXit Concentrate!


Organic source odors in leather products of all kinds are a challenge for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is the thickness of the leather. In the case of urine contamination, leather can hold a large amount of urine residue which translates to: Normal cleaning methods do not work. Because OdorXit is works on contact, it is intended to neutralize the urine residue rather than remove it. OdorXit Concentrate will neutralize urine contaminated leather when other products won't.

OdorXit Concentrate also removes odors caused by vomit, leaking diapers, feces, beer, and other liquid contaminants that can stay on leather.

There is one issue regarding treating foul smelling leather that must not be ignored. The texture and flexibility of leather can be radically altered by simply getting leather wet much less treating it with detergent, urine, or OdorXit. We at OdorXit have gotten lots of feedback from customers and taxidermists who have treated hide rugs and leather goods successfully with OdorXit Concentrate.

What we have found what works best on soft leather is to:

  • Clean or have the leather cleaned professionally to remove the bulk of contaminant, and whatever else you may have applied to the contaminated area.
  • Too early to use softeners on your leather
  • Spray the area front and back (if you can get to the back) with OdorXit Concentrate mixed 1:30 with water, and let it dry slowly. You may have to treat the area more than once over a period of several days to neutralize all of the residue.
  • Test to smell if all the odors are gone. When you think all of the odor is gone, spray the area with water and sniff. When the odor is completely removed, the water will generate no odor at all. After all the source of the odor has been completely neutralized,
  • Now apply the softner if the leather needs it. Apply leather softener to the area you have cleaned and treated when you think all the odor is gone. If the cleaning, odor removal process or the contaminent has stained or discolored the area, have a professional take a look at the problem to offer a resolution. Often simply re-applying a cleaner/softener like Lexol Leather Condioner will do the job.

OdorXit odor remover

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With all of the odor removed, treat or have the area treated with leather softener to restore the original texture and flexibility.

There are many web sites that have information, products and services directed specifically toward leather products, repair and recovery. They include but are not limited to The National Furniture Restoration Hot line, Tandy Leather Corp., Leather Medic, and many others.

There are products that you can put on leather that will alter the texture, flexibility and finish of leather. OdorXit is not one of them.

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