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Urine Odor In Bedding

Understanding the Problem

As urine dries and decomposes it goes through several transformations.

  1. In the first stage ureic acid produces a gas that smells like ammonia and urea salt (urea salt that has no odor when it is dry). Once all the water has evaporated, any living organisms die for lack of a hospitable environment in which to live
  2. In the second stage, further decomposition occurs when the urea salt is exposed to water (or water vapor) and materials containing hydrogen and sulfur, (dust mite bodies, dirt, etc.). This combination produces mercaptan gas (the same basic stuff they put in propane and natural gas to alert you to a gas leak) that smell really bad.

OdorXit works on both stages to block the production of the undesirable gasses provided that OdorXit comes in direct contact with the offending materials.

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Treating Light Contamination

Treating lightly to moderately urine contaminated bedding is normally very easy and effective. One important point is that the stain on the mattress cover is usually much smaller than the size of the stain in the padding under the cover. OdorXit must get to the entire stain to eliminate the odor.

If the mattress is a pillow top unit, push down on the center of the stain and pour about 1 cup (8 ounces) of OdorXit Concentrate solution (1 part OdorXit 15 parts water) into the dent in the mattress. Slowly release the pressure applied to the mattress as the OdorXit soaks into the fabric.

If the mattress is of the standard design spray or pour or spray 8 ounces of solution on to the stained are plus the surrounding area (2-3 inches bigger than the stain.

If the mattress is the cotton or kapok filled pad type mattress, it may take up to 16 ounces of solution to eliminate the odor using the standard mattress method.

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Treating Severe and Long Term Contamination

In cases where very deep penetration has occurred in a mattress over a long period time and repeated contamination, a more aggressive treatment (occasionally including replacement) is required. Mixing OdorXit with carpet cleaning products containing surfactant will accelerate OdorXit's penetration into the padding of the mattress. Because of the large amount of urine normally involved and the fact that the interior of most mattress is hollow (except for the springs) the padding on both the top and bottom can be contaminated. Both will very often need to be treated.

The key is that OdorXit Concentrate mixed with water must come in contact with all the urine residue in order to neutralize it.

Liquid urine has a low surface tension, which helps it soak into porous materials and cracks quickly and deeply. Mixing carpet cleaning products containing surfactants with OdorXit will accelerate its penetration significantly. Care needs to be taken when treating a mattress and box springs with surfactants because the boards may warp if too much liquid is applied too quickly.

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Machine Washable Fabric and Clothing

Removing urine odor from machine washable fabric requires adding several caps full (1 ounce) of OdorXit Concentrate to the load of wash and detergent at the beginning of the wash cycle . Allow the first wash cycle to complete but delay the first spin cycle for 30 to 60 minutes (This can easily be accomplished with most top loading washers by leaving the door open). After the wash/soak time, close the lid and let the machine finish its normal cycles. In some cases, it may be necessary to run the final rinse twice.

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Using Detergents and Bleach With OdorXit

OdorXit is not effected by detergent residue or even by mixing OdorXit with detergent or other non-oxydizing cleaning products. Chlorine and oxygen bleaches while in their liquid form will neutralize OdorXit and cause it to not eliminate urine odors. If you have used bleach before it will not effect OdorXit's action if the bleach has been rinsed out and allowed to dry completely before using OdorXit.

OdorXit's compatibility with detergent makes it very affective at neutralizing urine odor after other methods have been tried and failed on fabric and clothing, and bedding.

Call our toll free help line 1-877-odorxit (1-877-636-7948). We really can help you.

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