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OdorXit Sports Team Reseller Information Form

OdorXit Products would like to offer you and your sports team the opportunity to make money for your team. While you are making money on the sale of a really great product (OdorXit ClO2) you are offering the members of your team and the members of your apposing teams protection from the potentially deadly allergens, mold, and mildew and the often terrible odors coming from their equipment bags.

Why would OdorXit offer amateur and pro sports teams an opportunity like this? Of course to make money! But the more important reasons include:

  • Help fund all important amateur sports teams in this time of financial and social crises.
  • Provide a real solution for removing odors and mold from expensive and personally financed sports equipment.
  • Provide a better solution than ozone and not damage elastics in the oxidation process.
  • Provide the families and friends of your team members some relief from things like hockey hands!

Yes, there are other products on the market that claim to remove the odor, but there are none that can actually perform like OdorXit ClO2. Applying a 10 gram packet to the end or side of an equipment bag will deodorize the entire contents of the bag in as little as 2 days. That's all there is to it! No sprays, no electric, no machines, no additional cost.

To sweeten the deal, OdorXit Products will private label your order of OdorXit ClO2 with your teams name, logo, location and other information of your choice on orders of 100 or more packets. Custom labels will take about a week to prepare and install. If you would like, we can also add your team to our team locater page which is similar to our retail store locater page (not yet displayed on the web site).

Quantity Product pricing and ordering is available on line at the Case Catalog. The displayed prices do not include shipping until you get to the shopping cart page where you can make your choice for shipping .

The information collected below will be presented on our Retail Stores' web page. If there is information you do not want published indicate the fields you do not want published with an * at the beginning of the field.


OdorXit Team Resellers Buyers Information Form

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