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The last Odor Remover you'll ever need!

OdorXit products do more than just cover up odor, they remove the cause of the odor. OdorXit products are Safe, Fast and Easy to Use!

OdorXit Concentrate

OdorXit Concentrate

Safely and quickly eliminates odors on contact.

Removes urine (people or animal), vomit, spoiled food, sewer backups and more from:

Carpet, hardwood, linoleum or concrete flooring, upholstery, restrooms, kennels, washing machines, even skunk smell on a dogs’ face, fur and even your skin.

Made with a water and essential oils formula

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Magic by OdorXit

OdorXit Magic

Natural odor eliminator for airborne odors

Removes recurring odors for up to 7 days, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean.  Great for:

Cigarette smoke odor on clothes, hair or car, burnt or heavy cooking odors, bathroom odors, cat box odors, body odor, etc.

Made from water and essential oils.

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AQM & MOMS by OdorXit

OdorXit Air Quality Manager

Air Quality Manager (AQM) & Mold Odor Mildew Smoke (MOMS) eliminates/oxidizes odorous particles and safely alters odor sources including:

Fungus, spores, tobacco and fire smoke, curry cooking, dust mites, skunk odor, allergens and more.

Made from Sodium Chlorite and Acetic Acid to create Chlorine Dioxide

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The Odor Wizard

If you are unsure as to what product is right for your odor problem or you need more information on how to use or apply the products to your problem you can use The Odor Wizard or call us at 877-636-7948 during business hours EST/EDT or use the Live Chat below and get 'live' personal help.


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