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UV LED Flashlights by OdorXit

Smelling urine contamination on rugs and flooring as never been a problem. All you need is the relative humidity to be higher than 50% and wala, what seems to be tons of mercaptan gas is being produced. The problem has always been, exactly where is it coming from and what to do about it when you find it.

The battery operated Ultra Bright UV LED flashlights with 12 are in most cases the solution to finding the urine contamination on carpeting, clothing, flooring, furniture, doors, walls, any place our little critters and often us bigger critters have left some unine.

Most of the time (about 75+%) urine containation fluoresce when exposed with Ultra Violet light. The color that is actually seen ranges from pale yellowish green to pale bluish green but never the hot colors like white, red, bright green, yellow or blue. So when you see specks of very bright colors it is not urine. Most often it is fuzz off clothing or tiny pieces of paper. Secondly, our ultra bright UV LED Lights are very bright! If you hold the light closer than 2 to 3 feet from the area in question, it is possible that the flurescent glow of the urine will be washed out by the light purple light emitted by the flashlight. I have personally clearly spotted urine spots on a carpet with the UV flash light 6 feet from the spot, the sun was bright outside and the blinds were drawn. The room was clearly bright enough to read a news paper.

Working in total or near total darkness is not necessary with our UV LED light, however it is often necessary with the 6" and 12" fluorescent lights.

Looking directly into a high intensity UV light can result in burns on your retina that can last for days. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE ULTRA BRIGHT UV LIGHTS! or shine a UV light into someone elses eyes or even your pets eyes.

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