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Safe Usage
of OdorXit Products

OdorXit Products are Safe for People, Pets and the Planet.

They are also safe enough to drink...in small quantities...BUT we DO NOT recommend it!

General Information OdorXit products compared to other odor elimination products are much safer. Many other odor elimination products are enzyme based.- not safe enough to drink, and you wouldn't want your animals to walk through it or lay in it.

OdorXit products are safe enough to use anywhere including in your house, car, boat, place of work, in your washing machine, and many other places to numerous to mention. The fact that OdorXit odor elimination products are chemicals that effectively neutralize a wide range of odors that are normally very difficult to neutralize or eliminate without introducing other dangerous materials is quite remarkable. This is not to say that all OdorXit products are as safe as mothers milk...they are not, and they all need to be used properly as outlined on this weh site so that they produce the desired effect at minimal cost.

Click the menu items on the left to read even more about the safe usage of our individual products. There is probably more information than you may want to know about our safety, however, that did not stop me from writing it. And you don't have to read it all.

All chemicals including water and mothers milk have some level of exposure to humans and animals that will be toxic to some extent. The difference is that OdorXit Products, especially Concentrate and Magic require very high levels of exposure to become even mildly reactive or toxic to most people and animals that we have worked with. Just remember, eating too many banana's will make you sick.

The OdorXit Product that produces chlorine dioxide (AQM) can be quite toxic at exposure levels measured in percent in air, but our products' useful levels are measured in Parts Per Million (PPM) of chlorine dioxide in air (0.00001%) or water (0.0004%). Our product release safe amounts for both humans and pets - less than .01 PPM in air for AQM (Air Quality Manager).

By far the most dangerous product we sell is the UV LED flashlights. These little battery operated flashlight produces an enormous amount of UV light that if shined directly into your eyes can cause you not to be able to see for an extended period of time. Don't shine them in your eyes!

When you use any of our products as directed, they are completely safe.

If you have more questions, call our OdorXit Toll Free Help Line - 877-ODORXIT or 877-636-7948. You can also find our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on each product at the bottom of our Home page OdorXit.com.

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