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Getting Mold Odors Out of Your Home

Do you smell a musty, moldy smell when you first enter your home? If you do, you have mold and mold spores in your home. Even thought you are not "sick" with a fever from this condition it is probably sapping your energy and making you more tired then you would be otherwise.

Low to moderate levels of mold in your home can cause all kinds of health problems that your doctors have great difficulty identifying and treating because the cause of the problem is still there and the medicine does not remove the source of the problem.

You are about to learn a secret that you will find very hard to believe with your previous experience. Yes, it is hard to believe, but a 2 ½” square by ¼” think packet containing as little as 5 grams of powder will remove mold and mildew odor in as little as 48 hours. And, you will notice a real improvement in your mold related problems almost a fast. In area of the country where mold recontamination is a problem these tiny packs of powder will remove the additional mold odor for up to 30 days. No Kidding!

If you have a musty smell in your basement or if you can actually see mold growing on the walls, floor, rafters etc, you are facing serious health consequences by not treating the problem. In fact, just testing to see if you really have a problem can cost $200 to $700 and the remediation can run into the 10 of thousands of dollars and often requires that you dispose of much of the accumulated treasures of your life.

This does not need to be the case anymore. A 25 gram packet of powder placed in your 1000 to 2000 square foot basement with a small fan to stir the air, has been shown to oxidize/control the mold odor (and fungus) and spores in as little 2 to 5 days without expensive testing and people in HASMAT suits. A 5 gram packet will do the same in a bathroom, car or truck. And don't forget, the packets continue to produce chlorine dioxide for 20 to 30 days so you can move them from place to place after each area has been treated. Use the proper sized packet for the are being treated!

You do, however, have to remove the wet moldy clothing and other wet mold material including cardboard prior to treatment. The clothes can be recovered by washing and drying, the cardboard is a loss.

Now, I'm sure you think I am out of my mind for proposing such a radically simple solution to removing mold odors but I can assure you that I am not crazy. These little packets of powder, when exposed to water vapor, produces small amounts of a gas called chlorine dioxide. Yes, it is safe and It works sort of like ozone without all the negative side effects. It will not cause the plastic to become brittle or bleached. It does not require a big, noisy, expensive machine. And it works at much lower concentrations than ozone. Almost always below you perception level.

So, if you want to remove mold and mildew smells you need to get this great new product called OdorXit ClO2. It is available in 5, 10, 25, and 50 gram Extended Release packets to take care of your house The larger packages are for much larger areas. Each packet comes with a FREE self adhering pouch that you can use to hold the pouch just about anywhere (don't stick on wood cabinets).

If you have questions, call the odor experts at 1-877-636-7948.

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