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The Secret to How to Remove Cigarette Odors in Your Car, Truck or House Without Washing the Interior!

  • Does your home, car or truck have cigarette odors or cigar odors?
  • Have you tried to get rid of the odor with over-the-counter odor control products and perfumes with no success?
  • You may have even tried an expensive ozone machine.
  • And you already know that they didn't work.

You are about to learn a secret about cigarette odors that you will find very hard to believe with your previous experience of trying to remove cigarette odors. Yes, it is hard to believe that a 2 ½” square by ¼” thick white micro pouch containing as little as 10 grams of powder will remove even horrible cigar odors among other odors from your car or truck in as less than 48 hours. You will need a 10 or 25 gram packet of OdorXit AQM for larger areas like your office or living room. And, if you continue to smoke in the car or office, this tiny pack of powder will remove the additional odor for up to 30 days. No Kidding!  You won’t believe your nose. 

Now, I'm sure you think I am out of my mind for proposing such a radical solution to these really tough odors like cigar odor, but I can assure you that I am not crazy. I know how to remove cigarette odor and have done it many times for friends.  And they can’t believe it. 

The white micro pouch of powder, when exposed to water vapor, produces a vapor called chlorine dioxide. It works better than ozone without any of the negative side effects. AQM will not cause the plastic in your home or car to become brittle or bleached. AQM does not require a noisy machine. You won't be unhappy because the cigarette odors return or disappointed in their safety around people and pets. It works at much lower concentrations than ozone and almost always below your perception level. And it's easy to do and works IN MINUTES to remove the toughest of

  • cigarette smells,
  • cigar odor,
  • skunk smell,
  • mold,
  • mildew,
  • dog body odor and more!.

So, if you have a leased car that the leasing company is going to charge you a fortune in "Turn In Charges" because you didn’t know how to remove the cigarette odors in their car, or you have a vintage car that smells of mold or other nasty smells, or you just have a car that you don't want to smell bad anymore, you need to get this great new product called OdorXit AQM - Air Quality Manager . All you need to do is:

  • Open the silver mylar packet
  • Remove the white pouch inside and place it in the plastic packet you received with your purchase in the center of your car.
  • Place a fan in the car or room to circulate the vapor mixed in the air.
  • Then close the windows and doors and wait. About 4 to 12 hours. (It depends if you added water to the pouch and how much water your added as to how long the pouch will continue to make the vapor)

After the pouch is finished and the cigar odor and the cigarette smell is removed, keep the fan on to air out the chlorine/pool like smell. Then you are ready to drive away. It's that easy!.

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Kim Kite
Ohio, USA
knkite2002@fuse.net 513-207-6756

Message: Dear OdorXit I Bought an Expedition from a guy who smoked a cigar and can you imagine how bad cigar odor smells in a closed up hot truck? BAD!!! I tried Frebreeze, Lysol and I even had 12 air freshener trees hanging in my truck at the same time. That did not help the smell. So now I had pine flavored cigar odor.  UGH.  I ran into Deb who told me to try the OdorXit AQM. The AQM took the cigar odor out of the truck and now I do not have to drive with my head out the window any more. The horrible cigar odor is gone and my truck smells great now!! Thank you so much!

Kim Cincinnati, OH*

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

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Using OdorXit ClO2 on your car or truck

Using OdorXit ClO2 on your house

If the odor in your vehical is produced by spoiled milk, meat juices spills, food, etc, OdorXit Concentrate will often work when ClO2 will not. This is especially true for pet and human urine contamination.

If you have questions, call the odor experts at 1-877-636-7948.

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