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Recovering Refrigerators

If you are providing your tenants with a refrigerator, you have a special odor problem. As an example, how many refrigerators have you thrown out because a tenant left food to spoil inside a turned off unit?

To save the refrigerator, wash out the interior of the refrigerator with hot detergent water. Then spray OdorXit Concentrate solution (1 ounce per quart of water) on the entire interior, concentrating on the places you can not easily scrub, the hole where the refrigerant tubes come in the back, shelf mounting brackets and the door gaskets, the door shelves and all around the freezer. Some times the refrigeration coils are under the floor of the freezer and if so, they need to be exposed to be treated as well.

The next day the refrigerator will be ready for service.

Removing Odors From Duct Work

What can you do with air ducts anyway?

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