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We all know that if a house smells it won't sell at retail and depending on what's causing the odor, it may not sell at even deep discount.

And the days of covering up odors with cookies baking or cinnamon candles over as well. Most buyers even know about the air conditioning trick to help with pet odors. And if they didn't catch on before the sale, they are suing for fraud after the sale.

So what can be done with smelly houses? OdorXit!

OdorXit Odor Elimination products really eliminate the odors that buyers fear like mold, smoke, pet odors, cooking odors and more.

Are You Using Cookies and Cinnamon to Hide the Odors in Your Listings?

OdorXit Concentrate

Today's buyers are on to the tricks used to cover odors in houses including running the air conditioning so cold you can't smell anything!

Fresh baked cookies or bread sure smells good, but it does make you wonder, what are you covering up with those great smells? Or are they just trying to make it smell like home?

Got Urine Smell? OdorXit Concentrate!

Got Smoke Smell? AQM by OdorXit

You need OdorXit products to get rid of any smell that causes your listings to not sell. Go to the The Odor Wizard to find the more on application and addtional help to get 100% of your odor eliminated!

or all your money back

If there's an odor OdorXit products don't eliminate, we haven't found it.

OdorXit Logo Other Odor Removers OdorXit Concentrate
Say They Remove Odors
No Harsh Chemicals
Remove Urine Odor Completely in Concrete, Carpet & More
Solves Hundreds of Odor Issues
Gets Rid of Feces Smell
Gets Rid of Vomit Smell
Made of Safe Essential Oils and Water
No Added Fragrances
Cost per ounce $0.48 $.12

If your odor isn't on this list, Call us! 877-636-7948. We Will Help!


OdorXit odor remover

OdorXit Concentrate

OdorXit AQM and MOMS work on these odor and much more.


OdorXit Logo Ozone

Air Quality Manager &
Mold Odor Mildew Smoke OdorXit

Say They Remove Odors
Selectively Oxidizes items in area
Gets Rid of Smoke odor Completely
Oxidizes Mold and Mildew Odor
Doesn't bleach surfaces
Not Harmful to Lungs During Use
Can be in room while product works
Won't Harm Plastics or Electronics
Eliminates Human and Dog Body Odor

Lasts a Lifetime

<$100 basement


OdorXit AQM and MOMS odor remover


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