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What Are Organic Odors?

The term "Organic Odors" as used throughout this web site can be defined as the odors produced by anything that is or was once alive.

Now that's a pretty broad definition that includes but is certainly not limited to:
  • rotting plant material odor from both raw and cooked
  • spoiled meat and fish odor including beef, chicken, rodents and humans
  • excrement from cats, dogs, rodents, humans and babies
  • scent marking spray from cats, ferretts and skunks

And as broad as this definition is, it does not define all the nasty organic odors you are likely to encounter and that OdorXit Products will eliminate or control..

The bottom line is that one or another of the OdorXit Products available on this web site will eliminate or control the vast majority of the odor you are likely to run into in everyday life.

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