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Treating Walls with OdorXit Magic

Eliminating undefined and/or unpleasant odors from small rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms, private sitting areas and in general any room under 20 feet square, can be accomplished quickly and simply by spraying the walls with OdorXit Magic. Because OdorXit Magic is a gas absorber, it actually removes odors from the air that pass by the microscopic film left by an application of OdorXit Magic.

Spraying OdorXit Magic into the air will quickly and effectively remove odors from the air but if the odor is reoccurring or is continuing to be re-introduced, spraying the air is less than the optimal way to apply the product. When the mist falls to the floor, the odor absorption process is limited to the floor. When the mist is directed to the walls and furniture, it is placed in area better positioned to absorb the odors that were likely to reach the occupants noses.

Despite the fact that smoking tobacco products has be nearly completely banned in the United States much of the rest of the world has not followed suite. And regardless of your position on the subject, many travelers object to the smell of second hand smoke. OdorXit Magic will control the odor of tobacco smoke quickly and for a long periods of time. Certainly long enough to arrange for more complete removal of the odor. Refer to using OdorXit CLO2 to completely remove tobacco odor.


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