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Treating Organic Odors On Walls with OdorXit Concentrate

Completely eliminating odors like urine, feces, scent spray, blood and other organic odor from walls and most other hard vertical surfaces with OdorXit Concentrate is very straight forward.

  1. Wash the bulk of the contaminant off the wall with detergent and rinse with water.
  2. Using a fine mist so as not to create runs wet the contaminated area with OdorXit Concentrate mixed with tap water 1 part Concentrate 15 parts water and allow area to dry naturally.
  3. Check in 1 to 3 hours for odor and re-spray as necessary. (Occasionally 3 to 5 repeat applications is necessary because vertical surfaces do not retain liquids well).

If the malodor was urine, and if the relative humidity is below 50% it is prudent to mist a little water on the contaminated area in an attempt to activate any residual urine residue. If the malodor was scent spray, and the contaminated area is below 70 degrees F, it is prudent to increase the temperature to 70 or 75 degrees F to activate any residual scent spray residue.

When the odor is completely neutralized but there is a lingering OdorXit Concentrate odor, the area can be misted with a small amount of a mixture of 1 part soapy ammonia and 4 parts water to remove the OdorXit Concentrate odor. When the smell of ammonia is apparent stop spraying.

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