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OdorXit Products

OdorXit offers 3 products to solve a very wide variety of difficult odor problems that housekeeping staffs face nearly daily.

8 ounce OdorXit Magic OdorXit Magic is a very broad spectrum, nearly odor free, ready to use liquid odor absorber that will actually remove malodors gasses right out of the air, and continue this action for at least 2 or 3 days and normally for a 7 to 21 days in the hospitality environment. Because this is an absorption product it does not need to be sprayed directly on the source of the odor and should not be sprayed aimlessly into the air as is normally done with aerosol air fresheners. For best results, it should be sprayed directly onto carpet, flooring, furniture, walls and bedding, though there are situations where spraying OdorXit Magic into the air can be very effective for emergencies applications.
16 ounce OdorXit Concentrate OdorXit Concentrate is a highly concentrated liquid organic odor source neutralizer. It must be diluted 1 part concentrate to at least 15 parts and as much as 100 parts of fresh water before use. As might be assumed, OdorXit Concentrate must be applied directly on to the source of the malodor so that it can react with the source of the odor directly to neutralize it. OdorXit Concentrate solution can be used to neutralize a wide range of organic odor on most any water tolerant surface. Once the residue causing the odor has been fully treated the odor will stop. Subsequent re-contamination will require re-treatment.
OdorXit Chlorine Dioxide Packet
OdorXit Chlorine Dioxide Packet
OdorXit Chlorine Dioxide Packet

OdorXit AQM CLO2 is provided as the components that make chlorine dioxide gas (sodium chlorite and acetic acid safely sealed in a patented Tyvek reactor packet that, when exposed to water vapor or liquid water, produces pure chlorine dioxide gas in small quantities. Small quantities means that used properly in the appropriately sized airspace the packet will normally produce safe levels of chlorine dioxide gas (about .003 to .01 PPM Parts Per Million) for 20 to 30 days in air. As long as the air has more than 40% relative humidity no other action is required to activate the packet. Admittedly, this is a very small amount of CLO2, however, it is quite enough to remove malodors caused by mold, spores, body odor and many other malodors that are otherwise very difficult to remove from the hospitality venue. Additionally, if liquid water is exposed to the packet it will accelerate the production of CLO2 by as much a 30 times but shortening the life of the packet by the same factor. This action will likely raise the concentration of CLO2 in a given air space above the EPA's safe 24/7 exposure limits.

Detailed documents explaining in greater detail the proper practices and procedures for using these products are included here for your convenience.

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