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Treating Masonry with OdorXit Concentrate

When treating malodors in hard porous materials like ceramic tile, grout, concrete, cement, brick, mortar or any other kind masonry, the challenge is to get the OdorXit Concentrate solution to the contaminant. To more effectively address this challenge when treating masonry, adding a surfactant to the OdorXit Concentrate solution will help the solution to penetrate the tiny pours in the material by lowering its surface tension.

Because commercially available surfactants can be dangerous to handle, we recommend that Hoover, Resolve, Great Value and other carpet cleaners containing surfactant (use 2 to 3 ounces for every 1 ounce of Concentrate used) or Dawn dish washing detergent (use 1 ounce per gallon of water) be used. All have very effective surfactants for this purpose. In all cases when surfactant is added to OdorXit Concentrate solution, all the mixture should be used that day because other components of the carpet cleaner solutions oxidizes the OdorXit Concentrate in about 24 hours.

Water soluble contaminants like urine usually do not require a cleaning step before applying OdorXit Concentrate, but if there is a red or brown stain in the area of the contamination, the pours in the masonry are very likely to be blocked with dried blood or other organic material that was in the urine. (This is very often the case when the animal was ill with some kind of urinary tract infection). Removing this dried organic material from the pours of the masonry material often requires the use of TSP (trisodium phosphate dissolved in water) or in the more stubborn cases, hydrochloric or phosphoric acid.

Regardless of which product is used to break up and remove the organic material blocking access to the contaminant, the spent TSP or acid needs to be removed, thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry completely before applying the OdorXit solution. This is because the water in the masonry will cause gas to be produced by the contaminant. This gas will prevent the OdorXit solution from penetrating the tiny pours in the masonry and getting to the offending material.

In cases where the contaminant is not water soluble like heating oil, skunk spray, dead body fluids, and other oily or fatty materials, a TSP solution (1 or 2 cups of powder per gallon of hot water) should be used to break up and emulsify the offending contaminant. Again rinse and remove the spent the TSP and the bulk of the contaminant in the area, rinse with water and remove the water and allow the area to dry completely before applying the OdorXit Concentrate solution. This action also makes the oil or fatty material more readily available to be neutralized by the OdorXit Concentrate solution.

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