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Treating Locker Rooms with OdorXit® Magic

Controlling the on going and recurring odors in sports team locker rooms has been a real challenge for as long as there have been sport teams. When you get a a bunch of hard working athletes together who have been working out hard and sweating, body odors are a natural result. Expecting perfume based product to control these odors is simply not a realistic expectation.

There is an alternative that is really effective and does not make the locker room smell like a perfume counter or flower garden. The product is called Magic by OdorXit. Magic is a real odor (gas) absorption product that is made of natural essential salts and oils that have been selected and combined to absorb (remove) a very wide range of malodorous gasses from the air. The active ingredients remain active for days after spraying.

The amount of time the active ingredient in Magic remain active depends on the amount of Magic that was applied, where it was applied and how much malodorous gas is being produced in the area.

When sprayed on locker doors, benches and floors in a changing room it is reasonable to expect significant odor reduction for several days. In a shower room splashing water on the walls will likely reduce the odor reduction to 1 or 2 days. When sprayed on toilet stall floors, walls and partitions, several days of odor removal can be expected. In very high traffic bathroom situations, spraying the floor, walls and partitions separating urinals is very effective and should reduce urine odor very significantly for a day or two per application.

Applying Magic by OdorXit

Applying Magic by OdorXit in high odor area should be done with a hand held or tank/wand sprayer with an adjustable spray nozzle capable of producing a fine spray (not a mist). Fill the sprayer with full strength Magic by OdorXit. The spray should be fine enough to wet the area being sprayed but not cause the material being sprayed to cause droplets and run off vertical surfaces like walls and lockers.

Spraying benches, chairs and floors can and should be sprayed with a somewhat heaver coating of product however the spray should dry in 5 or 10 minutes on any surface.

If carpeting is involved in locker/changing rooms, the carpet needs to be treated occasionally with mold control products as well.

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