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Hospitals Without Air Conditioning

Hospitals that do not have air conditioning, though rare in the industrialized nations are the norm in the rest of the world. The complete lack of or limited access to electric power is the obvious reason for this situation but there are other contributing factors that are just to difficult to change like the availability of repair parts, maintenance personnel and money.

The lack of air conditioning presents some other difficult problems to health care facilities. Namely sanitation. Insects carrying a large variety of bacteria and viruses can invade open air facilities at will. The introduction of pesticides can help to control the crawling varieties of insects, but do little to control the flying versions and often negatively effect the patents.

The fact that open air health care facilities are open to outside air makes using air borne gas to control bacteria and viruses unacceptable. It simply blows away on the breeze.

The protocol for sanitizing working spaces etc. is to spray disinfectant solution on the surface so that the entire surface is wet with the solution and wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel. Hard flooring surfaces should be mopped clean and then sprayed and mopped with the disinfectant solution.

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