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Treating Hardwood Flooring with OdorXit® Concentrate

Hardwood flooring, laminated flooring and any planked flooring material starts life a uniformly straight board with a thong on one side and a matching groove in the other side of the board. When installing the boards the groove side of the wooden plank is forced over the thong of the adjacent board to create a smooth gap free floor covering. Each board it secured in multiple places along the length of the board to maintain its position and assure the gap between the boards is minimal. The differences between laminated and solid flooring material are significant because of the way the boards are secured and the intolerance most laminates have for water.

Regardless of the care and precision with which the individual floor boards were installed and secured, there are still tiny gaps between the boards. Further, as the wood dries out over the years and especially in the winter season, the width of the flooring boards shrinks, making the gaps larger.

The point is that as the floor ages, the tiny gaps become larger and allow dirt and liquids to enter between the boards and in some cases run under the boards. If the dirt and especially the liquids are prone to cause odors, the gap width contributes significantly to the difficulty removing odorous material from hardwood flooring.

In most cases, OdorXit Concentrate can be effectively used to remove odors from hardwood flooring by simply spraying the flooring with a 1 part OdorXit Concentrate 30 part water mixture (do not add surfactants to the mixture). In most cases, the OdorXit spray will penetrate to the same areas the liquid odorant's were able to get to so that they can be neutralized.

In cases where the liquid contaminant has been left of and extended period of time or there were multiple incidents of contamination in the same area, the liquid could and often does migrate under the flooring. At this point the sub flooring, which is either concrete or some form of wood sheeting or soft wood planking, has become involved and has been seen to absorb significant amounts of odorant. This can present a very difficult problem to solve without taking extraordinary actions.


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