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General Usage of OdorXit Magic

OdorXit Magic is a clear, nearly odorless liquid that absorbers odors like a sponge. It is made of organic plant oil extracts. It contains no genetically modified bacteria, enzymes, volatile solvents (VOCs) or heavy perfumes and is not a diluted version of OdorXit Concentrate..

OdorXit Magic is safe to use around all pets and children. OdorXit Magic is a safe and green product.

It can be applied to any water tolerant surface to absorb odors in the area. When sprayed on furniture, walls or floors it will absorb the odors in the area almost instantly for 1 to 12 weeks depending a verity of factors listed below.

The time to reapply OdorXit Magic is based on:

  • the amount of odor (gas) being produced by the odor source
  • the type of odorus gas beiug produced
  • the amount of OdorXit Magic applied to the area
  • the amount of direct sunlight striking the area treated with OdorXit Magic
  • and the amount of cleaning done in the area in the days and weeks after applying the product.

OdorXit Magic can be applied to fiber glass furnace filters to reduce the general level of odor in an entire house. 10 to 20 pumps of the mist sprayer onto the filter will work for 30 days with the fan on constantly . At the end of 30 days the filter will need to be changed because applying 10 to 20 pumps of OdorXit Magic on less than 2 square feet of filter will leave a slightly sticky residue that will trap dirt partials better than dry fiberglass making the filter dirty faster.

OdorXit Magic is formulated to be effective when applied with a mist pump sprayer that produces a very fine mist. This sprayer sprays only .2 cc per operation. So when OdorXit Magic is used as a mop bucket additive or in a larger trigger or pump sprayer it can and should can be diluted heavily before use. Since a normal trigger sprayer sprays about 1 cc per operation, diluting OdorXit Magic 1 part Magic to 4 or 5 parts of water is appropriate. When used as an additive to a mop bucket holding 3 to 5 gallons of water 4 to 8 ounces is appropriate.

The normal application rate for the mist sprayer on carpet is 5 pumps per square foot. That is 1 cc per square foot and it lasts for at least a week. A trigger sprayer sprays approximately 1 cc per operation, to diluting OdorXit Magic 5 parts water to 1 part Magic would be the equivalent dose. In a 5 gallon mop bucket one ounce (which is 28 cc's) would seem to deodorize only 28 square feet, but in actuality, it will deodorize much more area but for a shorter time.

OdorXit Magic can be used to control odors by simply spraying the floor in areas like:

  • bathrooms,
  • basements,
  • family rooms,
  • party rooms,
  • bars and restaurants,
  • locker rooms,
  • meeting rooms,
  • conference halls
  • outdoor hallways and stairways,
  • kennels,
  • any area that is prone to continuing recontamination.

OdorXit Magic Absorbs a wide range of malodors including:

  • tobacco and many other smoke odors,
  • mold, mildew,
  • spilled beer,
  • spoiled food,
  • fish,
  • human, pet and rodent urine and feces,
  • animal scent spray (including cat and skunk),
  • dog body odor,
  • diaper pail and soiled diaper odor,
  • bed pan odor,
  • sick room odor,
  • and cooking odors.
OdorXit Magic also absorbs many chemical odors including but not limited to :
  • ammonia,
  • hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs),
  • methyl mercaptan (natural gas odor),
  • trimethylamine (solvents),
  • and others.

OdorXit Magic is an absorption-based product, that is long lasting and completely effective on a wide range of malodors. It is not necessary to spray OdorXit Magic directly onto the source of the odor (though it is effective to do so) because OdorXit Magic absorbs the gas produced by the odor's source and it absorbs that gas for a very extended period of time per application (days and weeks) it can be re-applied as necessary indefinitely.

When spraying OdorXit Magic, be careful not to inhale the mist. In and of itself, the mist is not at all toxic or dangerous, but if the mist lands on the olfactory sensors in your nose, it will absorb most odors before they reach the actual sensors in your nose for several weeks. This might seem like a welcome relief from all the nasty odors we all encounter in daily life, but some absorbed odors are pleasant and others are very important so that they can be avoided (like smoke, VOC's, and many others).

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