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Treating Odors In Carpet

Odors found in carpeting and carpet padding have historically been a very difficult challenge for both residential and commercial properties. Odors in residential carpet and padding are by far the most difficult because the design techniques used in the newer construction carpet with millions of little dabs of glue holding the nap on the backing and the open cell design of the padding. This design gives the odor producing liquids nearly unlimited places to hide.

Commercial carpeting uses a different construction technique and either has no padding or uses a different kind of padding material that does not exhibit the same problems as residential carpet padding. Additionally, commercial carpet is generally not subjected to the same kind of contaminants (pet excrement) as residential carpeting.

Additionally, residential carpeting and padding are very often contaminated with odorant's like pet excrement that commercial carpeting rarely sees. To make this situation even worse, most residential carpeting is laid on some kind of wood sub-flooring which is ready and willing to absorb any kind of liquid in the carpet and padding. It really doesn't matter what kind of wood is under the carpet/padding, it all absorbs what ever kind of liquid is in the padding.

Most commercial carpeting is laid over concrete. And though this is a substantial advantage, it is not meant to imply that concrete floors do not absorb liquids, they certainly do, but... removing odor causing residue from concrete is often much easier than removing the same odor form any kind of wood.

Single Incident Recoveries

If the odor in a carpet is the result of a single incident and is pretty superficial, the odor removal process is really pretty simple and will take one of two paths.

  1. If the spilled substance was organic in nature like urine, milk, beer, fruit juice, tomato juice, etc. and completely water soluble it can be almost completely removed by dumping a glass of water on the spill site and vacuuming the area with a water tolerant vacuum cleaner like a small shop-vac (preferably one with the smaller plastic hose).
  2. If the spilled substance was grease or oily like meat juice, salad dressing, melted butter, after shave lotion, perfume, etc., the water trick will work fine except you need to add a squirt of Dawn or Joy detergent to the water to emulsify the oils while you let it soak for about 1 minute before vacuuming it out and then rinse with plane water and vacuum again.

After the bulk of the spilled material has been removed by diluting it with water and vacuum cleaning and the carpet is still damp, spray the area with diluted OdorXit Concentrate (1 to 30), rub it in with your hand and allow to dry naturally.

This procedure even works on many day old spills, but the older the spill/stain is the less of the residue will be available to be removed.

Old and/or Multi Occurrence Spills/Stains

The real problem with old and/or multi occurrence spills/stains is that when a tenant or client or hotel guest has an accident on the carpet that is likely to result in an odor problem, the last thing the guest/tenant want to do is tell anyone for fear of being charged or their stay being disrupted.

If guest/tenant do anything at all, it will be to put a folded towel over the spill/stain and stand on the towel in an attempt to draw the spill out of the carpet and into the towel. This has 2 effects. It transfers much of the surface stain and coloration into the towel, and forces the rest of the spill deep into the carpeting, padding and flooring.

The net result is that housekeeping cannot see the stain/spill during their normal room maintenance and inspection, and by the time the odor is apparent, the contamination has had ample time to involve much more of the carpet, padding and flooring. To completely remove all the odor, all 3 levels will eventually need to be treated and/or removed. Cleaning and extracting the carpet will remove the dirt, and dirt repellent but in most cases will not remove the source of the odors. As an example, much of the odor causing residue of urine actually bonds to the carpet, padding and flooring. It can not be washed away once the urine has dried. Once the carpet has been cleaned with detergent, the effectiveness of enzyme products is reduced to nearly zero.

OdorXit Magic, OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit MOMS are useful and effective for removing the vast majority of odors found in carpeting. Despite the fact that OdorXit Magic is not a permanent odor eliminator like OdorXit Concentrate and MOMS, Magic is highly effective at eliminating odors often for weeks per application and it only needs to be sprayed on the surface of the carpet. It continues to work even if the carpet is subsequently re-contaminated!

Even though OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit MOMS will completely eliminate most odors in carpeting, their application procedures are much more complex and costly. If the area is subject to repeated or on going re-contamination of organic contaminants, OdorXit Concentrate can be used to reduce the current odor level to near zero occasionally and then use OdorXit Magic on a more regular basis to control the results of the re-contamination. As the amount of subsequent re-contamination increases the more often OdorXit Magic will need to be re-applied until the area is cleaned and OdorXit Concentrate is used to reduce the amount of active contaminant to zero again.

Removing smoke

This 2 product approach has been very successfully used on carpeted areas in bars, restaurants, meeting halls and other large and small areas that are subject to food and drink spills and body odor left by sports related events.

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