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Pictures of black mold

Black mold in shower wall

There used to be a soap dish in what is now a hole in this shower wall.The dark color inside the hole is mold growing inside the wall. The duct tape is to make the shower usable while wating for remediation.

ClO2 will work on the exposed mold but not on mold elsewhere behind the tile. The tile needs to be removed to repair this problem.

Mold in damp corner of basement

This is the corner of a damp basement where the mold is growing uncontrolled.

ClO2 really works on this problem. Generally when this kind of problem is found, there is mold growing elsewhere as well. It may not be black but it is almost there. Treat the enitre area as if you knew it had mold and the problem will be solved.

Moldy drywall

Uncontrolled black mold growing on dry wall. In order to remediate this room, the involved drywall will have to be removed because the mold fungus has completely involved the drywall. There is no doubt mold growing inside the wall as well. Removing the effected drywall plus another foot will expose the problem and make it treatable with OdorXit ClO2. Of course the water problem needs to be resolved.

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