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TESTIMONIAL from a customer:

I couldn't belive how quickly it worked and got rid of all my odors.

Ashley M. Cincinnati, OH*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


Got Unwanted Leaks?
When it Comes to Incontinence,

Couple Dancing

Trust OdorXit Concentrate and Magic by OdorXit And

Take Back Your Life!

They ELIMINATE - not hide - ostomy, wound and continence odors - IN MINUTES!

GUARANTEED or all your money back

Buy OdorXit Concentrate and Magic

You've probably tried many doctor recommended products only to be disappointed and embarrassed with their outcome. 

Now you can stop struggling with odors in your life.

Get OdorXit.

Buy OdorXit odor remover kits

OdorXit Concentrate eliminates odors completely and safely and Magic by OdorXit neutralizes tomorrow's odors today up to 7 days after you spray.

OdorXit Concentrate is the completely solution when you add it to your laundry with your regular detergent or add water or spray it directly on all of the odor.

Magic by OdorXit neutralizes reoccurring odors up to 7 days after you spray.

Buy OdorXit odor remover kits

Why Should you use OdorXit Products?

  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains essential oils and water. No Enzymes, bacteria or perfumes.
  • Add it to the washing machine for clothes or bed clothing with accidents
  • Spray it on any surface, car, home, carpet to neutralize the odors on contact.
  • Safe on pillows, mattresses, chairs and more.
  • Reliable Odor Removal since 1999

MADE in the USA

Call us at 877-636-7948

Buy OdorXit odor remover kits

You'll get rid of unwanted urine leak odors so fast and easy you won't believe it!

To talk to one of our odor control experts via email or call us at 877-636-7948 or (01-)513-895-1000
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