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Controlling Ostomy Odors

As if dealing with the necessity of wearing a colostomy 24/7 was not stressful enough, dealing with the odors can certainly push the stress level over the top. The real concern of offending your family, friends, colleagues and anyone in the area with the overpowering odor of a leak or spill at work, on an airplane or in a restaurant is often enough to make you just want to stay home.

A catastrophic bag failure is without question the worst of all possible failures. And now you have a quick fix! OdorXit Magic will instantly control the odor even while the cleanup is in progress.

OdorXit Concentrate diluted with water will permanently eliminate the odor left on floors and if the clean up process is started right away on carpeting, before it can soak into the padding, the odor will be gone from the carpet too!

Use of a water tolerant vacuum cleaner like a Rainbow® vacuum cleaner or any wet/dry shop vac will remove the bulk of the spill quickly and safely. Add a glass or two of plain water to dilute the rest of the spill so it can be removed more easily. Thoroughly wet the area with OdorXit Concentrate solution and the odor will not return.

Small leaks and spills when emptying the bag in a regular restroom or airplane head can be just as difficult with no tools or vacuums cleaners available for cleanup. Fortunately, the amount of the spills are very small by comparison. Because OdorXit Magic is so effective, a very small amount is all that is necessary to control the odor during cleanup. Another small application after cleanup will eliminate the odor for days. Certainly long enough for whoever is doing the final cleanup to finish the job.

OdorXit odor remover

Small leaks and spills on Clothing is always embarrassing, but again OdorXit Magic is your quick fix to control the odor instantly. Simply rinse the contaminant off the clothing, shoes, etc. with cold water, dry between paper towels (without rubbing) and spray with OdorXit Magic. Finish the drying process with a hot air hand dryer or additional paper towels and you are ready to go.

Both OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit Magic are really safe to use on your skin. They contain only water soluble organic salts and oils to completely eliminate most organic source odors, particularly feces and urine.

OdorXit odor remover

If not offering a sub-3 ounce bottle (for air travel) is what is stopping you from buying and trying OdorXit Magic, Please e-mail us. Things can change!

OdorXit Concentrate is listed by the U.S. Department of Labor's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as being a minor eye irritant when in concentrate form and non-irritating when diluted according to directions. Regardless of what the MSDS says or the Dept. of Labor thinks, OdorXit is a mixture of organic salts and oils that by their very nature have a small but not zero potential to cause allergic reactions in humans and pets. If any unusual reaction occurs, consult a physician immediately. OdorXit Products. will make every effort to supply any additional requested information.

Updated February, 2007

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