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If you have odor problems that aren't listed here, check out The Odor Wizard where we address nearly all the odors you are likely to have. If it's stilll not on the Odor Wizard, give us a call. We'll find a solution together.

Are you Tired of Covering Up Your Tough Odors With Just Another Fragrance?

OdorXit Magic odor remover

Eliminate your toughest odors from any surface!

Stop spraying your tough odors every day. Don't use cover ups in the washing machine or even as an air freshener or plug in. Get real results with OdorXit!

  • It eliminates odors IN MINUTES and FOREVER!
  • It's safe to use and breathe
  • It's easy to apply
  • Won't harm tile, carpet, washing machines, people, pets or the planet.

And you have to know, there is a money back


No Perfumes, Just Odor Removal!

Just two capfuls of OdorXit in the washing machine neutralizes all lingering urine odors, mold and mildew smells, even dirty washing machine smells. OdorXit Concentrate eliminates gasoline smells and skunk spray on your house or pet.. It's that safe and effective.

If you've got a bed wetter, mix OdorXit Concentrate and water and apply directly to the urine. You'll have no more urine smells on the mattress.

Stop looking for something to cover up the odor. Use OdorXit. It eliminates the odor at the source FOREVER!

Just Mix, Spray and Walk Away. 

OdorXit Concentrate will permanently eliminate the odors of any nasty smells you have in your home. OdorXit Concentrate eliminates odors forever (or until the area is recontaminated) and OdorXit Magic absorbs reoccurring odors up to two weeks such as Incontinent pets and people and cat litter boxes. Nobody will know a cat ever lived in your house!

OdorXit Products really do what they say...Guaranteed!

OdorXit is safe enough to use around you, your children and pets.  It's made of all natural salts and oils.  So it's Green.  It's safe enough even if your kids accidentally drink it.

OdorXit Concentrate eliminates the source of the odors from urine, feces, vomit, oil, grease, mold, mildew, pet odors, spilled beer, skunk, rodent and pest odors, rotten food left in a refrigerator, spoiled milk, sweaty socks and sports clothes smells and so much more.  You will want a bottle of OdorXit on your shelf at all times because you'll never know when those pesky odors will surface.


Dear OdorXit,
I have used Odorxit for over two years and have been a VERY satisfied customer. As a cat owner of several cats I had tried everything on the market with no appreciable success. When I tried OdorXit it worked--exactly as they promised! I use it in the laundry,in the carpet steamer and on my wood floors. I have recommended it to friends as well as the local realtors and animal shelter. Everyone who tries it loves it. Try it once and you will never use anything else.
Louise C, Arizona

And here is a list of odors OdorXit does eliminate.

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