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From OdorXit Concentrate Users


Brenda U. wrote:

OdorXit is my go-to for any smelly laundry problem. When I had a load of wet towels sitting around too long, I thought Id have to wash it several times but all it took was adding some OdorXit Concentrate in with my regular detergent. I used to replace my toilet rugs frequently due to the smell, but now I wash them with OdorXit and there are good to go.

In fact, I use OdorXit for ANY smells around my house garbage cans, smells caused by spoiled food and coolers included. With two teenagers in the house, I use it regularly for things like sports equipment and even burned popcorn in the microwave! What I most love about it is it usually only takes one cleaning to get rid of the smell.

Brenda U. West Chester OH

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

I used OdorXit on two investment houses that I bought.

The first house had a slight unidentifiable odor. After the rehab was finished, and before the carpet was laid, I sprayed all the floors in the house with OdorXit and the odor was completely gone.

The second house had a urine odor in it. After spraying OdorXit on all the floors twice the odor was no longer there.

I recommend OdorXit and intend to use it in the future.

Cincinnati Capital Partners 123 LLC

Larry McCarthy *Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Dear Odorxit,

I wanted to tell you about how your product saved my laundry!I got so busy recently that I forgot about a load of laundry in the washer for about 3 days.I remembered while I was at work and when I got home I found what I feared: an entire load of laundry that smelled of mildew.I have never been able to get the smell of mildew out of clothes and had resigned myself to the fact that I had most likely ruined an entire load of laundry when I remembered Odorxit.I added about an ounce to the laundry, added soap and fabric softener again, started the washer and crossed my fingers.To my absolute joy when I pulled the clothes out of the washer no Mildew smell!

Thank you for your wonderful product I never have to worry about ruined laundry again!


*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

I had a load of laundry in the dryer one day, and had to run an errand. I got home later than I had intended, and my clothes had not dried completely in the dryer. They had a funky moldy smell. I did not want to rewash the load so I sprayed Odorxit Full Strenght Ready to Use on the clothes in the dryer. I picked up a few articles of clothing at a time and sprayed onto the pile of semi-damp, smelly clothes. I did this to distribute the Odorxit throughout the load. Pushed the button on the dryer to finish drying the clothes. It worked beautifully. No more moldy smell, just the pleasant fragrance of Odorxit.

Thank you OdorXit for helping me save water and electriciy, which means money and most of all my precious time.

Lori M. Cincinnati

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Ed Lyon Talking about using OdorXit Products around his house

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Laura L
Message: I want to commend your website and your product. At 11:30 last night our dog got sprayed in the face by a skunk. I did a web search to come up with a solution and found a wide range of advice. My husband was about to go out to get peroxide when he remembered that we had OdorXit. He told me to check your website and sure enough I found instructions for helping poor Charlie. They were so well written and very sensitive to the needs of the dog. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and detail. We followed the instructions and though Charlie was not completely odor free it was vastly improved and he was able to spend the night in the house. Thank you!

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

I bought a 1,400 sq ft townhouse roughly 4 years ago. Three dogs, and a cat previously lived there before I bought the house. The dogs urinated virtually all over the house, but primarily focused on one particular area completely up and down a hallway. In addition, the male cat sprayed urine on the wall inside one of the spare bedrooms upstairs. Im very particular about not living with urine, or bodily excrements of any kind, and have never to this day accepted animal accidents as being permissible. Immediately after settlement, I tore every square inch of the carpet up only to discover black stains on the plywood flooring (which is very expensive to replace). I thought the house could never be rehabilitated to a state in which my 2 cats (whove never urinated inappropriately anywhere in my house) wouldnt urinate in the places in which they detected the residual enzymes of urine left behind by previous pets. If you know anything about cats, you know they are very territorial, and will urinate where they smell urine. The thought of living in a house that way horrified me! I was scared to death because most people who sell their homes had pets, along with frequent pet accidents in the house.

When I was shopping for my home, a realtor told me he used a product called OdorXit to rehabilitate run-down, totally urine-infested houses, and then flipped them for a sale. I called OdorXit in a frantic state to explain my situation. Martin patiently took me through all the necessary steps, and explained exactly how to treat the floors with TSP using a shop vacuum to remediate the urine from my house. He advised me to treat the floors with OdorXit Concentrate afterward to break down the enzymes which creates the odor that pets smell (but humans cannot), and therefore prompts them to return to the scene, and urinate again. I followed his instructions precisely as he described to treat the floors throughout the entire house, and the wall in which the cat sprayed.

Upon completion of the job I nervously had my brand new, $4,000 Berber carpet installed. Much to my astoundingly pleasant surprise, my awaited confirmation arrived on the day that I brought my 2 cats to their new home. They never urinated in my house ever! My house felt brand new, and the 3 of us live there for nearly 4 years now. If OdorXit hadnt done its job I would have known, because my cats would have urinated in the house, but they never did.

I cant explain how grateful I am to have found this product, and this company. Martin personally spent a considerable amount of time patiently talking with me on the phone, and he helped me.... at no additional cost. In this day in age, practically no company will talk to their customers because no one wants to be bothered. OdorXit literally saved my house, and my living conditions! Id be in BIG trouble without OdorXit!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sheri from Pennsylvania

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Douglas from Hawaii:
Mr. Meyer called me a few months ago after I purchased Odorxit to attempt to de-smell-a-fy my $6,000 NEW tempurpedic mattress. My parents had visited and I let them sleep on my new bed while here. Unfortunately my father had to use IcyHot on his shoulders and the IcyHot had penetrated through the sheets, through the mattress pad and into my NEW mattress. When they left I washed all the bedding and the mattress pad several times and the IcyHot smell was all but gone. EXCEPT for the mattress. I tried other products to get the IcyHot smell out of the mattress, but no luck. Febreeze didn't help at all. Nor did a complete layer of newspapers on the mattress, covered and let to sit for a week. I was all but in tears. After hearing about OdorXit on Gary Sullivan's radio show I figured that I should try it. I followed the directions and applied it to the mattress three (3) times over the course of several weeks. Today, there is no evidence that IcyHot was EVER near my bed and I can sleep again witout waking up in the middle of the night teary-eyed due to the IcyHot fumes. Thank you SO MUCH!
Aloha, Doug

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Arkansas, USA
Dear OdorXit,
I have used Odorxit for over two years and have been a VERY satisfied customer. As a cat owner of several cats I had tried everything on the market with no appreciable success. When I tried OdorXit it worked--exactly as they promised! I use it in the laundry,in the carpet steamer and on my wood floors. I have recommended it to friends as well as the local realtors and animal shelter. Everyone who tries it loves it. Try it once and you will never use anything else.
Louise C, AR

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Rose Swinson
Arkansas, US
roseswins@conwaycorp.net 501-513-2516
I purchased an OdorXit kit in late April. I was at the end of my rope. One of our cats, several months previous, started having issues with the liter box. It got the point of ripping out the rugs in several rooms and getting down the bare concrete. Despite our efforts with the cat (and going through our vet for help), we could not correct the problem. But we found her a new home where she was the only cat and the problems ceased. But that left us with some VERY SMELLY rooms! I had tried EVERYTHING! So, I ordered your product. WOW! What a difference!!! Here it is June and I can walk into my front bedrooms again without the fear of smelling cat urine and spray. The concrete is clean - the drywall is clean -- all without calling in professionals repair people and replacing drywall or tearing up the concrete. We have gotten a new kitten (rescue), within the week, as our remaining cat was lonely. Needless to say, our confining him to one room does its job in acclimating him to the household, but results in a kitten smelling room. I had one XTended Release Packet left and put it to use yesterday. Within 10 minutes you could no longer tell that a kitten was living in that front bedroom (literbox smell!) (the kitten isn\'t even picking up on any of the old smells in that room and neither did any of the other animals once we had cleaned it out, as directed, with your product.) I have recommended your products to all my friends and family and it is the ONLY product that I will use from here on out. Thank you for saving my sanity!! Rose M. Swinson Conway Arkansas

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Just wanted to thank you for having such a fantastic product. Just a capful in the wash takes out all the urine smell from grandma\'s clothes. Both of us are thrilled with the results. I wish I had known about the product with the kids were little and had accidents. Oh, and I use it for the pets too! Betty C, Californi

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Hi Martin:
After surgery for a broken hip and two months in a rehab center, my mother returned home incontinent. I found the hardest part of this new twist was the smell of urine that lingered in her clothes and bedding. It was depressing because it reminded me of all those sad faces in nursing homes with that stale urine smell hanging in the air. I needed to solve the problem for my own sanity.

But nothing I tried from the grocery store took the smell away. Neither did the hottest water setting in my washer, nor several rinses, or even clorox. Desperate for a "solution" I began searching online. Somehow I found the OdorXit website and the testimonials sounded too good to be true. You know how we all get jaded by the propaganda in advertising. :) I decided to call and at least ask for some advice. What could it hurt? I think that the owner, Martin, was the one that answered and instead of selling me a product, he educated me about the problem and how his solution was the solution! Based on his knowledgeable advice and the great money back guarantee, I shelled out $39.95 + S&H for a 16 oz. bottle of concentrate. Now this had to be some kind of faith, right?
because that worked out to be about $3/oz.

I put a capful in the bleach dispenser in the washing machine and it totally eliminated the urine odor! I'm sold! (But I still wish this product was cheaper!) I've told several people about it. Hope they try it too.

Thanks, Martin, for helping me out with a "solution" to my problem. It's just one more psychological weapon I can use to stay positive about 24/7 elder care. And sometimes it's these little things that really matter for the sake of our sanity.

B. M. Virginia

Note: And we all wish gasoline was $.29 a gallon too! MM

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Dear Martin,

Message: After trying many household remedies on our caravan fridge stench we found your website and your product looked exactly what we needed. Although we were sceptical we went ahead and ordered a 4oz bottle of concentrate. This bottle arrived here in the UK 8 days after ordering and we immediately mixed a batch and soaked the entire interior of the fridge. 24 hours later we checked the fridge and noticed a definate improvement. Another soaking and 24 hours later we again checked the fridge to find no trace of the stench, just a slight perfumed smell from the concentrate. As instructed we left the fridge door open for a further 24 hours to purge the smell (previously we could not stand to have the fridge door open even for 5 minutes without gagging). Just been tonight and our fridge smells like a new one even without any power on. I have to say that any scepticism we had has disappeared along with our stench. Had your product not worked it would have meant spending 635.00 on a new fridge. Please accept our thanks for a superb product and an excellent service from the USA to GB.

George, Lancashire, GB

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Dear Martin,

I used to have a very old cat who would pee on one spot on the hard-wood floor for years. I would wash it with bleach, baking soda laundry soap... I sprayed it with natures miracle... nothing worked, it had soaked too deeply into the wood. finally I was at the point of tearing up that part of the floor when I did an online search and found your product. I called and you were very nice and knowledgeable on the phone. I ordered a sixteen oz bottle. It was a little expensive but you assured me it would work. You said it may take a few applications due to the nature of the stain. I really only half believed you but I thought it was worth a try.

I followed the directions and sprayed it on the stain. The next day it smelled better than it had in years. I sprayed it about 5 more times over the next week and the smell was gone. It would come back every once in a while when it rained and I would soak the stain again. I am happy to report that it doesn't smell AT ALL in that area now. I never thought I would find something to take away the smell and make me happy about my house again. I have recommended it to friends and my vet as the only thing that truly works for terrible smelling stains.
Thank you so much!

Kirsty, NY

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Dear Martin

If anyone ever doubts the effectiveness of Odorxit Let them read this.

Florida is the "critter" state! Any size, shape or form and we have it.

In the summer of 2003 our attic became invaded by the citrus/roof rat species. How did know? The decaying rat odor permeated the entire home.

At first I thought it might be "sewer" odor coming from a shower drain; for two weeks every conceivable remedy being tried. The daily temps were in the 90's and it was so bad that in addition to part of the house being closed off-evacuation for part of each day became mandatory.

The dead rats were removed but the odor lingered. Pest control companies said that nothing could be done. The extension service said to try using essential oils. Then I heard Gary Sullivan talk about a product that eliminated pet odors. Off to the computer I went and found your EXCELLENT web site.

Well, the rest is history. OdorXit was applied immediately upon receiving the order and within "2" days the odor started to abate. Temperatures were soaring so another application was made.

Two months later my "sniffer" indicated there was another decaying rat but this time only 1 treatment was needed upon removing the rat! Odor was gone totally within 12 hours.

So, here we are in 2004 and the temps have already hit 100 degrees.

There is absolutely NO ODOR!

When my son called me 2 days ago about "pet" odors left behind by a vacating tenant it was a no brain answer. "Call Martin and order the OdorXit right away". I just printed out the mailed him the instructions for real estate rehab (mother's do come in handy!).

So, to any skeptics I just have one thing to say:

Try it..smell for yourself...it works.

And, in addition to the product that upholds truth in advertising, the CUSTOMER SERVICE is not just Excellent but in today's society a rarity!

The Rat Lady
Clearwater, FL (Original available for faxing)

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

I wanted to send this note to tell you that OdorXit is wonderful. I manage two, apartment buildings for single, formerly homeless folks. Unfortunately this group is not the most attentive to detail with home cleaning and maintenance.

Our primary use of OdorXit is to clean refrigerators. We have had dozens of refrigerators that had to be thrown out before I found OdorXit. We have had units which had been turned off and had rotted meat and eggs in them. OdorXit took the odor out saving me $400 per unit.

We have also used OdorXit to neutralize urine in the floor tiles around toilets and to neutralize and clean up body fluids when a tenant expired and was not found for several days.

Please feel free to use this letter and to use me as a reference. I heard about OdorXit when I was in Pennsylvania at a Real Estate training course and have passed the word along to others. Let's not keep a great thing a secret!

Sincerely, Lois Ann Russell, Senior Property Manager New Haven CT.

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Sunset Road, Box 361 Pompton Plains, N J. O7444

Dear Martin,

Recently, I was lucky enough to get rid of a real problem tenant (after two years of trying). When I finally got into her five-room apartment, the stench from cat urine in a bedroom, human urine in the bathroom and roaches everywhere was over-powering.
I sprayed, bombed, baited, vacuumed and put out Victor glue traps. The first 60 glue traps were completely covered with roaches from tiny babies to BIG ones in about four days. I put another 24 traps out and finally saw a drastic reduction in the roach population.
The stench was still there. Following your instructions, 1 mixed some OdorXit and started spraying floors, cracks, crevices, everywhere - still stinky.
I looked above the dropped ceiling and found the ceiling tiles totally covered with dead roaches and their droppings. Also the smoke detectors, thermostat, mortise door locks, electrical outlets, exhaust fan. Milwaukee makes a great shop-size vacuum and when finished, there were almost five inches of roaches and feces in the vacuum tank.
Then I sprayed OdorXit on every ceiling tile, the grid work, wall area and ceiling, pipes, insulation, electric cables, etc. I used a total of three and a half gallons of OdorXit mix at 32 to 1 and finally the stench was gone.
In the past week while painting and getting the apartment ready to rent, I saw only two live roaches, which were quickly dispatched and there was no odor in the apartment. ODORXIT WORKS!!

Bill Gilliland
T/A Sunset Investments
Pompton Plains, NJ
(18 year member MREIA

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

The following e-mail message was posted on the Yahoo Group "cyberkat" by Christine L Smith, the owner of Peeps Cattery in Macomb, MI. At the point in time she posted this message she had only had the product for a few days. Subsequently, she and her friend and business partner are now local distributors for OdorXit in the Chicago area. Do not hesitate to call the OdorXit help line at 1877-odorxit or Chris for more information and help.

To: <WeeAreFamily@yahoogroups.com>, "cat list" <cyberkat@yahoogroups.com>
Cc: "kkramp7557" <kkramp7557@email.msn.com>
Subject: Odor-Xit

I ordered some of the Odor-Xit that was mentioned on the list a week or two ago. And I said I'd report back on it.

I received it two days after placing the order online (www.odorxit.com) and read the directions. They are pretty long, but seem to cover just about everything that could need deodorizing. By the way, the guy who owns the website called me and talked to me about it after I placed my order - he said he hoped I didn't really need 64 ounces of it, and I told him I was planning on using it on everything if it really worked.

My first objective was to clean an expensive recliner that one of my boycats had urinated on. It was really stinky, and this is my husband's favorite chair. It is made of a dark green herculon-type fabric. First I tested for color fastness (not that it really mattered, since the chair was pretty unusable the way it was.) Then I sprayed the mix (1 ounce to a quart of water) liberally over the chair and let it dry overnight. The next morning, it smelled better but you could still smell cat urine. I grumbled a little bit, and then I decided to really pour the Odor-Xit on it. So I took the solution and just really doused the chair, concentrating on the area where I'd seen the cat urinate. I let it run right down into the fabric and cushion material. It sat all day, and in the evening, I asked my husband to give it the sniff test. He did, and then he sat in the chair without reluctance. He said he couldn't smell cat at all on it (and he is the official sniff-tester here) but he could smell whatever I had cleaned it with. I asked him if it was a bothersome smell and he said no. Well, its been several days, and that odor seems to have dissipated. And all of the cats have given the chair the sniff test and none of them seem inspired to use the cat for a litter box, which sometimes happens when one goes and then others follow suit in the same area. So I would say that was a success.

I've also used it in laundry, including on a blanket that the same boycat peed on. It got the smell out of that, too. And today a friend came by to help me clean cages in the cattery, and she was very pleased at how the Odor-Xit seemed to instantly kill the cat smells in the big industrial cages. She wanted the info to order some for herself, and she's a notorious cheapskate, so I guess the Odor-Xit made another hit.

Did anyone else order the Odor-Xit and try it yet? Its really pricey, but no more so than Simple Solution or some of the other enzyme cleaners. And this really seems to work! I'm pretty impressed so far.

Championship Pedigreed Cat Exhibitor and Breeder.Cris Smith, Peeps Cattery

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Subject: An OdorXit Question
To: OdorXitQuestion@odorxit.com
Just wanted to say I've tried everything to rid my house of cat urine odor. My husband and I have spent the last 5 years remodeling our home, and it was really depressing to have such a nice home and be embarrassed about the cat odor. Your product really works. You have made me one very happy cat lover!

Jamie Alderson
West Lafayette, IN

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Greetings from sunny Arizona!

I want to thank you for creating a product that allows us to enjoy sitting outside on our patio again. We live in a patio home along a beautiful desert wash in Tucson, Arizona. Our Aussie dog Bullet has lived with us for over 8 years and has created an odor problem in the dirt that kept us from using our patio.

After years of weekly watering, using vinegar, bleach and various enzyme products, we were frustrated! I searched the internet and found ODOR-X-IT. I was reluctant to try it but felt I had more to loose if I didn't. This product works!!! We now enjoy dining outside on the patio again and are thrilled to have a product that continues to keep the urine odor away.

Thank you for ODOR-X-IT!

Pam from Tucson, Arizona

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Subject: How to remove any smell from you house

As you know, our new house was infested by the smell of cat urine from the previous owners evil felines. We tried everything from chlorine to muriatic acid to get it out to no avail. Before burning it to the ground, I researched the internet and came to a solution know as Odorxit. The owner was kind enough to walk me through steps of use, and even though I was highly doubtful, promised success. Well, I stand here as a believer. All smell is gone for good. This stuff works on everything from cleaning boats, furniture, floors, hiding dead bodies ( just kidding), mold, and cigar smoke. I have enclosed the link in case you might have use for it This sure would have been helpful in the college years.

Robb Watters

Washington, DC

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Subject: Thank You


THANK YOU for your great product!

One of our rental units was left in reasonably good shape but the owner had 3 cats and boy could you tell. The odor was awful. We tried cleaning the carpet, cleaning the floor under the carpet, airing out the unit, replacing the pad and carpet, nothing worked. Then we found your product on line, (Mr. Landlord.com), and I called you. We followed the directions provided and the unit was ready to be shown by the end of that day. Your product is great, works as advertised, and we will continue to use it for every turnover.

Thank you again,

Tom and Janese Wills

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Subject: Re: help!
Dear Martin..

THANKS a MILLION!! Your product is the ONLY thing i have used that is actually clearing up the odor. After things like bleach and ammonia didn't work i was dubious of anything except a wrecking ball having any effect. You get two big thumbs up!!

M. Weaver

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


I have finely used your product and it is great. I was trying to remove cat urine from a mattress - one of cats was not happy that we had a guest stay over. It has been 2 weeks now the odour has not come back unlike with other products I have used. Also there was no tax when the product entered the country - probably because the value was minor.

Kellie Lorschy
Veterinary Services
Pfizer Animal Health
West Ryde 2114

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Subject: Re: Your advice, please

I received my order yesterday and applied OdorXit around the edges of the room last night. I sprayed the underside of the carpet, the lower walls and the pad near the walls, too. We also drilled some holes in the floor and put more down. I am hopeful and will keep you posted. Thank you for your prompt response and thoughtful reply. I used to be a Corporate trainer for a large Cleveland real estate firm and when I saw in your testimonials that many Realtors and property "people" recommended your product, that made my decide to give it a try.

Liz Justice, PA

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Subject: odorxit works

Marty: odorxit is the only stuff that killed the odor from my male cat's spraying . He 's a 14 years old red tabby cat and that's how long I've been try to find something to get rid of the odor when he does his thing. Your stuff is the only thing that works!!!!!

Jim Barrie
Account Manager
Strategic IT Solutions / Internet Access Cincinnati

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

"One of my kids threw up in the car. I couldn't get rid of the smell. I tried OdorXit. The smell was amazingly gone!"

Jim Kilgannon, President DIG, Board Member National REIA

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

I have been a satisfied customer of OdorXit for nearly 4 years.

A year ago, I really got the worst challenge yet, strong cat urine/spray odor in one of my rental properties, the room was a small bedroom that reeked of cat(s) spray/urine, and this was the only room in the entire home that appeared affected, indicating that the animal(s) were only confined to this room only.

After much trial and effort to eliminate the odor in that room, I was surprised the OdorXit product that has solved many odor problems in the past didnt seem to work! In that room.

After consultation with Martin (from OdorXit), Martin determine from my description that the odor was locked between the surface and sub floor preventing the OdorXit reaching the urine/spray contaminants.

Martin suggested that a series of small holes be drilled at the top surface floor, stopping at the surface of the sub floor would allow the OdorXit to reach directly to the contaminates, that this should be beneficial to solving my odor problem.

Well much to my surprise after following this procedure, the odor has completely disappeared after an additional two applications.

Thanks Martin & OdorXit

John Neville (www.sunriseinvestments.net)


*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

I just want to let you know that I've used OdorXit in about 10 laundry loads over the past week and your claims for the effectiveness of the formula are not overstated. Couldn't believe how clean smelling all the laundry is! And I had been washing the first load over and over in an effort to get rid of the urine smell, using an over-the-counter item that purports to remove tough smells--HA! Not even close! Include my email among your testimonials! And thanks! Next, I'm going to wash the bathroom floor tile with it!

Lisa Deitch

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Subject: mildew, of course
From: jan leslie

Good morning! We corresponded over the summer regarding my problem with all of my belongings (furniture, clothing, dishes, books, etc.) having been in a non-climate controlled storage unit in MI for 13 years. Of course, not knowing much about the effects of heat/humidity, etc., we experienced an "olfactory" assault due to the musty mildew odors that permeated the cartons, and the entire contents of the boxes.

i want to thank you most sincerely for sharing your knowledge with me.

We have cleaned up the items in storage, sprayed the interior of the boxes with Odorxit, and was able to eventually eradicate the mildew odor. i sprayed the interior of my dresser drawers (not directly onto the wood - although i did have a few errant sprays - but your product did not cause any staining or discoloration whatsoever. i had put some squares of polyfill (like they use for crafts or for stuffing animals) and sprayed that, and just left some in each drawer with the drawers open about 1-2" (that's all that space would permit). Within two weeks, despite it being a closed unit, with no circulation), the mildew odor was gone. We checked the drawers again for odor last week, but the smell did not return. (One small bucket of Damp Rid was completely used up with 2 weeks - and our unit wasn't even on the sunny side of the building).

On another note, my puppy has had a bad skin allergy since March, which despite bathing her twice a week with Rx shampoo, by the 4th day, the odor from the skin infection/ear infection was so bad, it would even cause the smell to linger onto the tile floor she lays on to cool herself in the summer. Mom spritzed the air and the adjacent carpeting with Odorxit -(your product was safe to use at least 3' above the carpet with no discoloration - we didn't get down to spray directly onto the carpet, so i can't testify as to what results a "direct staturation" might bring) the smell was almost immediately gone. We then put some into the loads of laundry, (because the odor would transfer onto our bedding, clothing, etc.) - but Odorxit took the smell away.

Your product was successful where others were not. For my puppy's skin odor, we had previously tried bleach alternative in the laundry, baking soda, vinegar, bleach and Bounce scented dryer sheets. Those products did not work. For the smells in the rooms, we had tried ionizers, SmellsBGone, Renuzit Air Fresheners, open boxes of baking soda -- all to no avail. But a few spritzes of Odorxit solved the problem. As to the tile floor, we simply added a tsp. of Odorxit to the mopping water. The foyer tile smelled clean again. Infection is quite a foul odor to try to erradicate.

I had a wood/oak veneer file cabinet that i brought home from storage last year. Over a year later (after having used orange glow, smellsBgone, renuzit, baking soda, an ionizer in the room, etc.), the mildew/musty odor lingered - in fact, it almost defiantly seemed to get stronger. i removed the files and just sprayed the interior drawers with Odorxit, then spritzed the file folders (yup, i was getting angry at mildew spores and wanted to get even) and figured i had nothing to lose but the smell.

The smell was all that i lost. My files/folders were just fine. The odor went away from the drawers. i had to put the file cabinet in a closet (so, of course, my clothing picked up the persistent odor) - so i just spritzed the "air" in the closet and let the Odorxit mist go to work. i checked the status (nose test) every few days - if need be, i just gave it another spritzing. Well, i'm happy to let you know that the smell is gone.

Thank you, so much, for being so willing to share your knowledge and make your product available. it's one of the best secrets around. But if my Mom and i have anything to say, Odorxit will become a household word. i packed my 2nd bottle to take with us to FL next month - some people pack suntan lotion - but the movers are taking the things in storage to FL and i want to have Odorxit on hand to ward off any problems that FL humidity might cause to surface. Thanks very much for your well-appreciated advice and specific how-to instructions.

Gratefully, janet leslie.

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Jonithan R Esq, NYC
After a great dinner and show, my x-girlfriends cat (who saw me as his competition) sprayed my $3000 Armani suit coat that I had carefully laid over a chair. I had the coat dry cleaning 3 times at 3 different cleaners who said they could remove the odor and didn't. In desperation I searched the web, found and called Odorxit on the phone. The guy who answered said the same thing. His stuff would work and that I had nothing to lose but the odor because it was guaranteed.

I'm still wearing that suit but the girl and the cat and the odor are all gone.

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Susan Heaton-Boone FIVE Stars

Jana Finch FIVE Stars

Toni AndersonFIVE Stars

Dale Miracle FIVE Stars

Linda Cummins FIVE Stars

Lisa Perrry-Uhrmacher FIVE Stars

John Milewski FIVE Stars

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
Best odor remover you can get! We have been using Odorxit for years, gets rid of almost any odors, it's expensive but worth every penny. Raymar Bard

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

With a multi cat household, we've been loyal users of OdorXit Concentrate since 2002. OforXit is great- it solves the problem rather than masking it. We've deodorized everything from mildew to mold to cat urine with great success, and we tell other cat owners this is the answer to animal odors. Thanks, OdorXit, for keeping our home smelling sweet and guest friendly! Julia Bennett FIVE Stars

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

This stuff works. Period. Have used it on upholstery, clothing and wood floors. Damn cat. Amazon Customer FIVE Stars

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Best stuff bar none! My second bottle. Removed pet urine odors permanently! Lee Goldberg

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

OdorXit worked much better than I expected. Used it after carpet cleaning of pet stains and urine. Also treated fabric covered furniture just to freshen it. Have only used a 1 oz. mixture so far for a large area. Pat from Iowa

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Wow - OdorXit was suggested to us after a freezer (unbeknownst) went out and food spoiled. It took the odor way in a matter of hours. Since receiving the product, we have used it in cars too. This product works as advertised. Robin Carpenter

*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

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