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Remove Odors From Night Clubs, Show Rooms, Bars & Other Public Areas


If you own a night club or bar you know you have to remove odors from night clubs on a nightly basis.

And sometimes all night long. Since many clubs can't allow smoking anymore body odor, dumpster odor and bathroom odor are what you pay attention to most. Bathroom odors are the most obvious ones and on a minute to minute bases nearly impossible to control or cover up with the automatic fragrance dispensers. Smoking is important at the enterance of the building where people take their last puff before the enter the building.

Other Night Club Odors

Spilled drinks and especially spilled beer is very difficult as well. There are other odor that are even more difficult to remove like those that accumulate on the seats of chairs from sweat and other sources.

Any bar or night club that smells bad just might lose their customers.  Spraying Magic by OdorXit to remove odors from night clubs like body odor, smoke, urine will keep customers coming back.

OdorXit has 2 products that will remove all of these odors safely, easily and in many cases completely or at least until the next time the are really contaminated with the odor source.

Magic by OdorXit Spray is the perfect solution for eliminating odors like vomit, spilled food or drinks that need to be removed quickly, completely and with minimal fuss and additional night club odor. Simply spray 2 or 3 pumps of the mist sprayer directly onto the contaminated area and in seconds the odor will be gone for days and it leaves no lingering odor. OdorXit Magic sprayed on chair cushions will eliminate body odor and other hard to control odors for days to weeks. It also works really well in the rest rooms. Just spray 1 or 2 pumps of the mist sprayer on the stall partitions and the active ingredient will continue to absorb odors for days.

In the case of cigar or cigarette smoke odor control, simply spraying 20 or 30 pumps of the mist sprayer on a new free flow air handler filter will remove airborne odors like smoke for the life of the filter which is about a week in a smoking environment. Spraying OdorXit Magic on the building at the enterence where people take their last puff or into the air in a smoking room after closing will remove the smoke odor almost before you are finished spraying the room.

OdorXit Concentrate is designed to completely eliminate night club odors of urine in tile floors and walls, usually with just 1 application. However, Concentrate unlike OdorXit Magic does not have much residual effect. IE subsequent re-contamination will cause the odor to return. What it does do is completely neutralize the source of the odor that has been accumulating in the tile, grout, concrete, or carpet since the last time it was applied. Using OdorXit Magic in between applications of Concentrate will absorb the odor being produced currently but it does not alter the source of the odor like OdorXit Concentrate does. Further, using OdorXit Concentrate once or twice a month will reduce the amount of Magic required and extend its life because there is less odorous gas to absorb.

Buy OdorXit Concentrate

The bottom line is, if you have an eating and drinking establishment and you have odors, one or more of the OdorXit products can make a big positive difference in the way your establishment smells.

Remove odors from night clubs so fast and easy you won't believe it!


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