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Here's What a Customer Told Us:

Dear Martin, I used to have a very old cat who would pee on one spot on the hard-wood floor for years. He started peeing as a kitten and who knew that kitten urine smell was so bad! I would wash the area with bleach, baking soda laundry soap... I sprayed it with natures miracle... nothing worked, it had soaked too deeply into the wood. Finally I was at the point of tearing up that part of the floor when I did an online search and found your product. I called and you were very nice and knowledgeable on the phone. I ordered a sixteen oz bottle. It was a little expensive but you assured me it would work. You said it may take a few applications due to the nature of the stain. I really only half believed you but I thought it was worth a try.

I followed the directions and sprayed it on the stain. The next day it smelled better than it had in years. I sprayed it about 5 more times over the next week and the smell was gone. It would come back every once in a while when it rained and I would soak the stain again. I am happy to report that it doesn't smell AT ALL in that area now. I never thought I would find something to take away the smell and make me happy about my house again. I have recommended it to friends and my vet as the only thing that truly works for terrible smelling stains.   Thank you so much!    Kirsty, NY*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

LIttle Himalayan Kitten

I Didn't Believe it when They Said Kitten Urine Smell was So Bad!

Kittens Don't Like Kitten Urine Smell Either!

The key to kittens reliably using their litter boxes is providing them an odor free litter box. That doesn't get rid of all kitten urine smell. But repeatedly cleaning and/or scooping their litter boxes is not the answer. How do you remove kitten urine smell because I never thought it could smell that bad!

Eliminating the urine and feces odor as it is being produced is as close to an answer as you can get.

Then you don't have to remove kitten urine smell from the rest of the house.

Here's how to eliminate kitten urine odor before it becomes a problem:

Empty their litter box and spray OdorXit Concentrate mixed with water in the bottom on the litter box once per week.

Spray the sides of the litter box once or twice a week with Magic by OdorXit to absorb the daily kitten urine smells to ensure the kitten likes the smell of his litter box. This will help ensure he or she pees in the litter box and not on your carpet or furniture.

OdorXit Products Ingredients

Magic is made from water and essential oils so it's safe for your kitten to breathe and be around. It contains no added fragrances so there's nothing for your kitten or cat not to like. It's safe on skin, fur and even in the air.

OdorXit Concentrate is made from almost the same ingredients but they are different. It contains water and all natural salts and oils. It's still safe for your kittens and cats, their fur, you and the planet.

And they both have a money back GUARANTEE!

Train your kittens early

Keeping a clean litter box for them at an early age - kitten on up - will help train them with positive potty habits and train them that as long as you keep their box clean and not smelling of kitten litter box odors, they won't pee outside the box.

That seems like a pretty easy trade off...except I've been in many houses where the litter box must not have been cleaned or sprayed with OdorXit Concentrate or Magic. Don't you make that mistake and have your pets or kitten urine smell come from outside the box!

Get your "essentials" one two punch combination to get rid of kitten urine smells and cat urine and cat spray odors (as they get older) today and tomorrow right here.

Remove kitten urine smell anywhere so fast and easy you won't believe it!

OdorXit odor remover kits

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