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So you're leaking a little,
but not quite incontinent.

You still have those little accidents that make your underclothes smell like urine...

We can't help with the incontinence but now you can finally get the smell out of your clothes by just spraying the items with OdorXit® Concentrate solution and normal laundering.

or all your money back

Your Leaky Facet

It is almost to good to be true, but it really is true. Just wash you urine stained under clothing (no matter how long they have been stained) with your normal detergent and as little as 1/2 ounce (2caps full) of OdorXit Concentrate the odor will be gone! No kidding. And OdorXit Concentrate is safe, non irritating, and environmentally very friendly.

It also works on furniture, bedding, beds, and flooring. Try a 4 ounce bottle and you will see that this is the real McCoy. Its 100% guaranteed but you will never need it.

It even works on dry clean only garments. Just spray the urine spot with OdorXit Concentrate mixed 1 part Concentrate and 30 parts of water and have the garment dry cleaned normally.

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For more information on how to get rid of the odors you don't want to smell,
check out the Odor Wizard for the answer.

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