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Odors That OdorXit Products Remove

Ammonia, Bathroom odors, Black water holding tanks, Burned popcorn in a microwave, Cancer patient odors, Cat, ferret and skunk scent marking spray, Cooking smoke, Crime scene odors, Diaper pail odor, Dead rodents, Feces from all animals and many insects, Fire smoke, Fishing odors, Fresh cooked and spoiled fish, Fuel oil, Gasoline, Hunting odors, Blood, Entrails, Hydrogen sulfide, Litter boxes, Mercaptan, Mold and Mildew, Mothballs smell, Ostomy odor, Shoe odor, Skunk odor, Soiled diapers, Spoiled meat, Spoiled vegetables, Tobacco smoke, Trimethylamine, Urine - both old and new from cats, dogs, humans, rodents, Vomit, Wet Dog Smell from almost every surface..

OdorXit products do more than just cover up odor, they remove the reason for the odor. OdorXit products are Safe, Fast and Easy to Use!

Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical if the application instructions are not followed.

OdorXit Concentrate

OdorXit Concentrate
  • ELIMINATES any urine smell, any surface - on contact

  • Works better WITH soap added

  • Contains no enzymes

  • All natural ingredients

  • Safe to apply to your pet to eliminate skunk spray odor, vomit or any odor your pet or kids roll in!

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Magic by OdorXit

OdorXit Magic
  • "Just Spray and Walk Away" odor absorber

  • Freshly scented essential oils formula

  • Absorbs smoke odor on clothes, hair or car, bathroom odors, diaper odors, trash odors, litter box odors, body odor for you or your pet and more!

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Air Quality Manager (AQM) & Mold Odor Mildew Smoke (MOMS)

OdorXit Air Quality Manager
  • Destroys odors of mold, mildew, smoke, heavy cooking odors, dust mites, allergens and more.

  • Safe, powerful, odor destroyer - chlorine dioxide

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