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Getting gasoline smell off your clothes just got a lot easier



Need A Gasoline Odor Removal Solution After Spilling It on You?

OdorXit Products has made Gasoline Odor Removal Easy and Safe!

GUARANTEED for gasoline odor removal or your money back

Running late to get to work but you need gas in your car? Isn't that always the way? You are running out of time and have to make one more stop. The gas station. And where is your credit card? Ugh! What happened to the good old days when somebody pumped it for you? Oh, that's right New Jersey still pumps gas for you.

So now, you're in a hurry and there's a good chance you're going to spill gas on your hands or clothes. Another UGH!

Then you really do need a no-perfume gasoline odor removal product for your hands and even clothes. Handling the messy hoses and nozzles often result in nasty, hard to remove odors that you can smell all day long. Soap and water. Not! More perfume to cover it up. Rather not, but sometimes....

Even spills inside your car, shed or garage can be eliminated with OdorXit Concentrate.

  • With a few pumps of a sprayer you can eliminate gasoline odor forever, or at least until you fill your tank again! Just spray it whereever the gasoline is, under fingernails, pants, etc.
  • OdorXit Concentrate is the perfect product for gasoline odor removal from your car, shed or garage too!
  • Magic by OdorXit actually neutralizes or absorbs the substances that are causing the odors and Magic does it without enzymes, bacteria, perfumes or harsh chemicals.
  • OdorXit Products are not cover ups or perfumes, they eliminates the odors by safely altering the source.

OdorXit Magic uses a simple spray on "gas absorption" technology to attract, trap and eliminate gasoline odor for about 5 cents per application. Just spray the contaminated area with 1 or 2 pumps (just one penny per pump when you buy the 8 ounce bottle at $14.95) with the included mist sprayer and the odor is gone.

OdorXit Concentrate chemically alters the odor causing residue, so that it no longer produces the odors. If your clothing is washable, just add a little to the wash, if they are dry clean only, spray diluted OdorXit on the affected area and send them to the dry cleaner. Odors caused by gasoline in flooring, concrete, dirt, gravel, fabric, clothing, and most other surfaces and material are very effective. When properly diluted, the 4 ounce bottle costs just $0.12 per ounce. The 16 ounce bottle costs just $.08 per ounce.)

Overnight delivery available on orders placed before 12pm EST Mon-Thur EST

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