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Your Customers Want You to Remove Cat Pee On Dry Clean Only Clothes

Remove Cat Pee on Dry Clean Only Clothes

Are your clients frustrated and asking for their money back because you can't remove cat pee on dry clean only clothes? You just can't get the odor out 100% even after using all your odor removers.

You don't make any guarantees. You tell them you'll try. But they threaten to never come back when you return their clothes still smelling like the dog or cat pee on dry clean only clothes.

Buy OdorXit to Remove Cat Pee on Dry Clean Only Clothes

Here's how to remove cat pee on dry clean only clothes even remove urine odor in your washable clothes too.

Add one half ounce of OdorXit Concentrate to 15 ounces of water. Spot treat the area where the urine is before the dry cleaning process. Using a UV light will let you know exactly where the urine is to know where to apply the OdorXit Solution. Let it dry. Dry Clean as usual. It's that easy.

Never have unhappy customers from not removing odors again.

Buy OdorXit Logo Other Odor Removers OdorXit Concentrate
Says They Remove Odors
No Harsh Chemicals
Remove Urine Odor Completely from Fabrics, even Leather and Dry Cleanables
Solves Hundreds of Odor Issues
Gets Rid of Feces Smell
Gets Rid of Vomit Smell
Made of Safe Essential Oils and Water
No Added Fragrances
Cost per ounce $0.48 $.12

Buy OdorXit RTU (Ready To Use)

Just a $15.00 bottle of OdorXit Concentrate - Odor Eliminator will let you spot treat hundreds of garments for dog urine removal, cat urine removal and even pet or animal spray.

It will will get rid of the odor 100% of the odor when you get it directly on all the urine. Guaranteed!

Tell your clients you CAN remove cat pee on dry clean only clothes and mean it!

Get the new dry cleaning business you've been wanting. When they say "remove cat pee on my dry clean only clothes", use your new secret weapon OdorXit Concentrate to remove urine odor on fabrics - dry cleanable and washable - safely - that your competition isn't getting.

It's called OdorXit Concentrate or OdorXit Odor Eliminator (we've added the water) and right now you are only a click away from ordering the product that will give you a real advantage over removing cat pee from dry clean only clothes by your competition.

Super bright 12 LED Flash Light

Buy OdorXit to Remove Cat Pee on Dry Clean Only Clothes


And with this super bright 12 LED Ultra Violet flash light, you will be able to see where the urine is on the fabric without sticking your nose into it and you don't have to be in the dark to see the results.

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TESTIMONIAL (results are based on recommended usage)
After a great dinner and show, my x-girlfriends' cat (who saw me as his competition) sprayed my $3,000 Armani suit coat that I had carefully laid over a chair. I had the coat dry cleaned 3 times at 3 different cleaners who said they could remove the urine odor and spray odor and didn't. In desperation I searched the web, found and called Odorxit on the phone. The guy who answered said the same thing. His stuff would work and that I had nothing to lose but the odor because it was guaranteed. He was right!

I'm still wearing that suit but the girl and the cat and the odor are all gone. Jonithan R Esq, NYC *

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Buy OdorXit to Remove Cat Pee on Dry Clean Only Clothes

Remove Cat Pee On Dry Clean Only Clothes So Fast and Easy You Won't Believe It!

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