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Discover How to Remove Dog Urine from Carpet Completely

Sometimes you need dog urine odor removal because your dog peed inside.  It’s cold outside and even with a fur coat they just don’t want to "go" outside. 


So sometimes you'll need to remove dog urine from carpet.

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You walk barefoot and find the wet spots and know you need to remove dog urine from carpet. Yuck. And then you smell it too. Ugh! And always on the night before you're having company.

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My dog is smart enough to not let me catch him putting dog pee on the carpet.. And you can only train him when you catch him in the act of peeing on the carpet. Errr! The only good news is that if you do walk through the urine while it is still wet, it's much easier to remove dog urine from carpet when it's wet.

If it's been a while that your dog has peed inside and the urine has dried, there is just one extra step. But don't fret. We can still show you how to remove dog urine from carpet easily with OdorXit Concentrate, water and a little elbow grease! (ELBOW NOTE (not foot note): Elbow grease, for those younger than me means using your arms and elbows to get the bulk of the work done. It's not really oil. It's more like 'labor intensive'. Anyway, OdorXit Concentrate is

GUARANTEED or all your money back

Buy OdorXit to Remove Cat Urine from Carpet Completely

Let me tell you the steps to get the dog pee or even cat urine out of the carpet.

Removing dog pee from your carpet will be labor intensive.

There is NO silver bullet to make it happen easily. You are tackling the toughest application to test our product. HOWEVER, done right You WILL get the dog pee or cat urine out of the CARPET! (OdorXit Concentrate eliminates people urine too!

Thinking of your carpet, it has 4 layers -

  • the nap (top) of the carpet,
  • the bottom of the carpet or backing,
  • the padding and
  • the floor underneath (wood, tile, whatever).

The OdorXit solution -

  • 1 ounce OdorXit and
  • 30 ounces warm water

MUST get to all of those surfaces where the urine has run to actually neutralize the odor 100%.

Buy OdorXit to Remove Cat Urine from Carpet Completely


Pour the OdorXit Concentrate and water solution (warm water because it absorbs better into the carpet and follows the path of the urine better to neutralize it) on the carpet where the dog urine is in the carpet. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Then vacuum out the solution - now with urine in it too - with a water tolerant shop vac. That leaves less to dry naturally.

When the urine is still wet, this is easy. Almost 100% of the urine will come out the first try. If the dog urine in the carpet has been there for a while and dried, urea salt crystals are formed (this is a breakdown of the uric acid in the urine) must get moist again to be sucked out with the water. So it may take 2-3 times of this treatment to get the dog smells completely out of the carpet.

OdorXit WILL get the dog smells out of the carpet and hard wood or concrete flooring but not the padding.

The area in the padding where the padding was wet will need to be replaced. Yet the OdorXit Concentrate and water solution MUST come in contact with all layers of the carpet where the urine traveled. So you need to

  • Saturate the nap,
  • Lift up the carpet and spray the backing,
  • Remove the damp portion of the padding and
  • Spray the floor underneath.
  • Turn on a ceiling fan in the room or
  • Place a floor fan at the area so it dries and doesn't make mold and another smell.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes our rescue Puggle - Hooch - lets me practice my dog urine removal techniques because he's peed on the floor while we were sleeping.

So, yes, you may be saying it's a lot of work. But I KNOW THIS WORKS! Don't have the money to replace your carpet? Then OdorXit Concentrate is your answer!

And just in case the dog urine odor removal from the carpet isn't 100% the first time around and company is about to ring the door bell, I spray that same area with Magic by OdorXit. That neutralizes any dog pee smell I might have not yet gotten rid of..

So there is double OdorXit protection!

Buy OdorXit to Remove Cat Urine from Carpet Completely

We don't like dog pee smell on our carpet but we love Hooch anyway and wouldn't trade him for the world. He is our Forever Dog - dog urine in the carpet or not!

And here's another how to remove dog urine from carpet story from one of our customers

TESTIMONIAL: (results are based on recommended usage) My dog was in his cage longer than normal and still had to go to the bathroom. He apparently hiked his leg in the corner of the cage to get most of the urine outside his cage. The carpet and the wall got pretty soaked. You're right. You can't really discipline them if you don’t catch them in the act so he just watched me clean it up.  And the OdorXit did work.  I soaked up as much urine as possible and treated both sides of the carpet, the wall and the floor underneath.  I was lucky.  I didn’t have to replace the padding.  But the OdorXit Concentrate mixture got rid of all the urine and smell and he hasn’t peed there since. Awesome product!  Bob V.  Louisville, KY *

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

  When your pet makes messes

Love them anyway and use OdorXit!

Remove dog urine from carpet or even cat urine on carpet - anywhere - and so fast and complete you won't believe it!

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