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Treating Extreme Contamination

We at OdorXit, though our help line and on our own rental properties, have come across situations of contamination that were so bad that extreme measures had to be employed.

In a recent case, a room with only pine tongue and grove boards for flooring was severely contaminated with cat urine over many years. Washing the flooring with TSP several times did not stop the urine salts from appearing on the surface after the boards were dried. Further, applying several doses of OdorXit did reduce but did not eliminate the odor in the room. Using the step-by-step method of solving a problem, the owner removed several of the boards that were stained the worst only to find that the rafters and ceiling below were also badly contaminated with urine that ran between the boards. In this case it was clear that saving the floor boards was not a cost effective solution. Saving the rafters and ceiling material and replacing some or all of the contaminated flooring was clearly the prudent solution. So in this particular case a 4' x 4' section of flooring was removed. The rafters and ceiling were sprayed several times with OdorXit solution. After the odor was gone for a week the flooring was replaced with plywood of the same thickness as the boards that were removed and the restoration of the room was completed.

Another example of extreme contamination involved one of our apartments. In this particular case the carpeting and padding was old and not worth saving for other reasons. The apartment had been vacant for repairs for nearly 2 months before we removed the carpeting in question. The back of the carpet in some heavily contaminated areas was still wet with urine! The padding was unusual in that it was foam padding with a plastic membrane with small breather holes on the carpet side. It appears that this plastic trapped most but not all of the urine between the top of the padding and the back of the carpet. We could have dumped a quart of OdorXit solution directly on the area and not gotten all the smell out. Additionally, the carpet backing in these wet areas was so weak that when it was removed the backing split easily. The flooring under the wet areas was sprayed with OdorXit 1:32 . The next day, the urine smell was gone and it has not returned.

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