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I've used OdorXit Concentrate on my baby's cloth diapers for a few years now. I just soak them in water with my regular detergent and OdorXit Concentrate for 15 minutes then finish washing and they are good as new. No poopy pee smell and they are clean! I was concerned about the ingredients at first, being next to my babies' skin. But OdorXit is made of essential oils and water and I've never had a problem. Thanks OdorXit! Susan M. Denver, CO*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


Is There Diaper Odor or Urine Smells In Your Child Care Facility?

Or- Is it Odor-Free, with No Urine Smell or Diarrhea Smell Left Behind?

You know, even the littlest ones notice urine smell and diarrhea smell but so do their mom's.

  • Do you walk into your child care facility and "smell" what kind of day it's been? -   • Stinky urine odor from the time you walk through the door. Ugh!
  • Do you really want your children smelling that urine smell all day?
  • Or poopy diaper smell?

They don't smell poopy diaper smell at home.

We can show you how to remove urine smell from clothes, baby toys and more easily and safely. You will be able to remove urine odor in anything that has a urine smell, feces even vomit smells IN MINUTES - REALLY!

Are You Really Ready to Eliminate Diaper Odors? Forever?

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Magic by OdorXit:

is the perfect addition to any child care facility or changing table anywhere. Just a few sprays and Magic will completely and safely

  • remove diarrhea smell,
  • remove vomit and spit up smell and
  • remove urine odors
  • any other unpleasant odors associated with diapering and potty training in minutes.

It absorbs the smell in the air and leaves no fruity or flowery smell behind.

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Just Spray and Walk Away to Eliminate Diaper Odors

It costs less than a penny a spray and lasts a long time. Magic uses no perfumes, cover-up scents or toxic chemicals, and will keep your house, car or child care facility totally odor free!

GUARANTEED or all your money back

OdorXit Concentrate: Just Mix, Spray and Walk Away - To eliminate odors at the source forever!

  • Add one ounce of Concentrate to the washing machine to eliminate urine odors in clothing, sheets, etc.

  • Eliminates completely urine, vomit and feces odors from any item.

  • Will not stain or discolor fabric, leather or plastics
  • Sprayed on floors, toys, play, training and sleeping areas will neutralize the source of the odors


  • OdorXit Products:
    • The can be safely used around infants and children to remove urine smell
    • They contain no dangerous chemicals, VOC's, enzymes or bacteria!
    • They are very safe to use as directed on all water tolerant surfaces and materials: plastics, fabrics, flooring, carpet, skin and many more!

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OdorXit Concentrate
Says They Remove Odors
No Harsh Chemicals
Remove Urine Odor Completely
Solves Hundreds of Odor Issues
Gets Rid of Spoiled Milk Smell
Gets Rid of Feces Smell
Gets Rid of Vomit Smell
Made of Safe Essential Oils and Water
No Added Fragrances
Cost per ounce


Remove poopy diaper and urine smell anywhere and so fast and easy you won't believe it!

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