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Do Pet Urine Smells Keep You Holding Your Nose?

You Need a Urine Odor Remover Now!

Do you love your cat but hate the pet urine smell and the mess?

If one of these pet urine smells or situations sound like you, maybe we should talk.

  • You were gone too long and didn't scoop the litter box and your cat peed outside the box to deliver to you the freshest pet urine smells.
  • Your cat was mad you left the house at all so he peed on your clothes.

Buy the OdorXit Concentrate to Remove pet urine smells

  • Your cat was comfortable so he didn't move from the dirty clothes basket and peed right in there with all your clothes and now, you have to get rid of the pet urine smell or your husband says the cat must go!
  • It was dog pee or even people pee accident that you need an urine odor remover.

Whatever the reason you have pee in the wrong places, you now have to get rid of cat pee smell or just urine smell or your house is ruined. And maybe your marriage.

If you think it is time to try something new,

OdorXit Concentrate - Just Mix, Spray and Walk Away

You know you love essential oils. You know you love water. With OdorXit Concentrate's special 'essentials' formula you can now have the most effective and safest urine odor remover in the world AND eliminate all your pet urine smells, vomit odor, even spoiled milk and feces odors on contact. Let's compare:

Buy OdorXit Logo Other Odor Removers OdorXit Concentrate
Say They Remove Odors
No Harsh Chemicals
Removes Pet Urine Odors Completely in Concrete, Carpet & More
Removes Cat Spray Odor
Gets Rid of Feces Smell
Gets Rid of Vomit Smell
Made of Safe Water and Essential Oils
No Added Fragrances
Cost per ounce $0.48 $.12

Buy the OdorXit Concentrate to Remove pet urine smells

GUARANTEED to remove urine odors or your money back!

Urine odor and bad odor clean up just got easier with OdorXit Concentrate. Just

  • Soak up or just remove the excess odor causing material (urine, vomit, feces, etc.) and
  • Saturate the area with OdorXit Concentrate mixed with water.

OdorXit Concentrate will safely and IN MINUTES eliminate urine odor, cat spray and pet urine smells forever when it comes in contact with the ALL odor.

It's not a cover up. It has no added fragrances and it's water and essentail oils - In MINUTES your odor will be gone COMPLETELY!

Here's a satisfied customer's story:

Arkansas, USA    Dear OdorXit,
I have used Odorxit for over two years and have been a VERY satisfied customer. As a cat owner of several cats I had tried everything on the market to remove pet urine odors with no appreciable success. When I tried OdorXit it worked--exactly as they promised! I use it in the laundry, in the carpet steamer and on my wood floors. I have recommended it to friends as well as the local realtors and animal shelter. Everyone who tries it loves it. Try it once and you will never use anything else.       Louise C, AR*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

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Buy the OdorXit Concentrate to Remove pet urine smells


Occassionally my two cats get mad when I don't come home on time. That's when they leave presents on my carpet. I get out my favorite urine odor remover - OdorXit Concentrate. I add plenty of water with a little bit of OdorXit. I vacuum up the solution and the cats can't smell where they went so they never go back there. Thanks OdorXit. Until I found you my apartment did smell of pet urine. Now the smell is just gone. It's the only urine odor remover I use. Ron H. Hamilton, OH*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


And Here Is How You Remove Pet Urine and Other Cat Odors From The:

Remove pet urine smells or any bad odor anywhere so fast and easy you won't believe it!

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