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I Didn't Believe it when They Said Kitten Urine Smell was So Bad!

Kittens Don't Like Kitten Urine Smell Either!

The key to kittens reliably using their litter boxes is providing them an odor free litter box. That does get rid of kitten urine smell. But repeatedly cleaning and/or scooping their litter boxes is not the answer. How do you remove kitten urine smell because I never thought it could smell that bad!

Eliminating the urine and feces odor as it is being produced is as close to an answer as you can get. Then you don't have to remove kitten urine smell from the rest of the house.

Here is how to eliminate kitten urine odor before it becomes a problem:

Empty their litter box and spray OdorXit Concentrate mixed with water in the bottom on the litter box once per week.

Spray the sides of the litter box once or twice a week with Magic by OdorXit to absorb the daily kitten urine smells to ensure the kitten likes the smell of his litter box. this will help ensure he or she pees in the litter box and not on your carpet or furniture.

Keeping a clean litter box for them at an early age - kitten on up - will help train them with positive potty habits and train them that as long as you keep their box clean and not smelling of kitten litter box odors, they won't pee outside the box.

That seems like a pretty easy trade off...except I've been in many houses where the litter box must not have been cleaned or sprayed with OdorXit Concentrate or Magic. Don't you make that mistake and have your pets or kitten urine smell come from outside the box!

Remove kitten urine smell anywhere so fast and easy you won't believe it!


To remove urine odor from the rest of your house and belongings, here is what to do:


Are You Sharing Urine Odor Removal Secrets With Your Clients

When You Place A Kitten?

I know as a former breeder of blue and seal point Himalayans I sure wanted the clients to know about Successful Urine Odor Removal!
Martin Meyer, former owner of Te Ching Cattery and co-owner of OdorXit Products

LIttle Himalayan Kitten

Urine odor in the house is the main reason why cats are given to a shelter or rescues. Wouldn't you think having a safe and easy way to get the urine odor out of a couch or carpet or a mattress could keep many cats in their home?

Is There a Safe and Easy Urine Odor Removal Product?

How many pure bred cats end up in shelters or returned to their breeder because they urinated all over the house that started out being a loving home? When my kittens left our home, they were healthy, strong, playful, box trained and well behaved puffs of fur ready to love and be loved and cared for. And as far as we ever found out, all of our 50+ kittens went to good loving homes. But we all know this is not always the case. Things change and kittens like children react badly to changes especially negative ones. Territorial behavior is one of the responses. And that is when you need to know about spray and urine odor removal.

Did you know that cat urine odor in carpet or mattresses is preventable and even easy to eliminate?

If there was a water and essential oils formula to eliminate cat urine, shouldn't you be telling your clients about it?

The answer is absolutely YES. Compared to the rest of the stuff on the market for to eliminate cat urine odor, whether it works or not, essential oils are the safest stuff out there that actually works. Safer than enzymes, safer than bacteria. Smells better too. And your pets can walk though it immediately. OdorXit Products has been marketing its Concentrate product since 1999 without a single pet related complaint. We have pets of our own and haven't seen a single sign or issue.

Keep your cats in their homes and not have them end up being returned or in a rescue due to needing urine odor removal products. Now you and your clients can eliminate cat urine odor and make everyone happy with OdorXit Concentrate on the job.

Tell your clients how easy it is to prevent inappropriate soiling and how easy it is to remove cat urine smell in their concrete, carpet, clothing or even a mattress. It is all documented here in our Odor Wizard.

  • Empty the liter box
  • Scrape out the 'left over's'
  • Spray with OdorXit Concentrate mixed 1 part with 30 parts water to neutralize the cat urine smell and feces odors from what you just scraped out of the litter box.
  • Spray with Magic by OdorXit to neutralize the odors the kitten makes even in a clean box
  • Fill with non-clumping liter and you won't have to spray OdorXit again until you're ready to change the liter next week.
Magic by OdoXit

OdorXit Concentrate Comparison

Other Odor Eliminators OdorXit
• Say they remove odors
• Removes cat urine smell
• Removes feces smell
• Removes vomit smell
• No harsh chemicals
• Made of safe essential oils
• No added fragrances
Cost per ounce $.048 $0.12

OdorXit Concentrate Urine Odor Removal is Safe for Pets, People and the Planet

Help your kittens have a happy new home. Print and give a copy of the Litter Boxes popup page to your customers. Give or sell them OdorXit Magic and Concentrate to get them started on the right foot with litter box urine odor control. Become an OdorXit Affiliate or Retail Distributor with a free link and advertising on this site.

OdorXit Products are 100% GUARANTEED or your money back!

Urine Odor Removal will happen so fast and easy you won't believe it!


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