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Burned Food & Popcorn In Your Microwave

Burned food and popcorn odor in you microwave is a common problem that it very difficult to remove because of the construction of the interior of a microwave oven. The smoke produced and other odors are circulated throughout the inside of the oven and air channels and cling to the interor surfaces. These interior surfaces are at least difficult to get to using normal and extraordinary methods. Additionally even if you could get to all the little nooks and cranies the smoke does not come off easily.

Magic by OdoXit

The solution to this delema is to wash the smoke off the areas you can get to easily and use OdorXit ClO2 to remove the odor from the areas you can'g get to. OdorXit ClO2 used a gas called chlorine dioxide to oxidize the smoke and odor causing materials. Using a 5 gram Extended Release packet, the odor is normally gone completely in 24 hours if the relative humidity is above 40%. If the humidity is lower the 40% put a wet paper towel near but not in contact with the packet.

To use OdoXit ClO2, carefully remove the foil outer cover being careful not to tear or puncture the inner white Tyvek packet. The inner packet should have a blue border. Place the inner packet on a plate in the oven and close the oven. Do not turn the oven on! The packet will produce enough gas to fill the oven and oxidize (distroy) the odor causing material as well as oxidize the smoke residue in the oven.

After the odor treatment is completed, wipe the interior of the oven with a damp cloth to remove the dust residue of the smoke and odor.

The 5 gram OdorXit ClO2 packet will continue to produce chlorine dioxide for an additional 20 to 30 days. It can be used to oxidize/controlthe mold in your bathroom, or get the funkey smell out of a closet or laundry room. Use the plastic peal and stick pouch included with the product to mount the packet on a cabinet or wall in the area being treated. Do Not lay the packet directly on anything that is likely to be bleached.

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