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Do You Need Head Odor Removal After a Relaxing Day on Your Boat?

Because Your Nose ONLY Remembers the Head?

Buy OdorXit Concentrate

Let your boat smell fresh and clean everywhere and never need boat head odor removal again!. Just pour 4 ounces of Magic By OdorXit into the holding tank. Your visitors will think there's no head on board.

Buy OdorXit Concentrate for head odor removal

Magic added to the water in your holding tank will neutralize the waste odors by absorbing those odors for weeks. It will last until you empty the tank. It's water and essential oils and waiting to make your holding tank not be the topic of conversation after you've spent a beautiful day sailing on your beautiful boat.

More Boat Head Odor Removal

And for the rest of your boat odor removal, such as fish and sea water and well, if they missed the target in the head as the waves splashed on your boat, use OdorXit Concentrate. Mixed with water, you'll safely eliminate the fish and bait smells on your hands, cooler, bilge odors, even odors inside your boat.

Don't go out on the high seas, rivers or lakes without your own one-two combination of OdorXit Products, Magic and Concentrate. You'll be glad you did get rid of that stinky boat head odor!

*to remove your boat odors or all your money back

    OdorXit Concentrate (Water and All Natural Salts and oils):
  • eliminates bilge odors for weeks
  • eliminates head odor
  • removes fish and bait odors instantly
  • eliminate bad odors for weeks per application
  • removes mold and mildew odors
  • contains no dangerous chemicals, enzymes or bacteria
  • will not stain or discolor fabric, leather, wood, gel coat, plastic or carpet

Magic By OdorXit (essential oils and water)

  • Spray in the air to absorb odors
  • Spray near the odor source to absorb odors up to 1 week
  • Pour 4 ounces of Magic into the head to eliminate urine and head odor till you empty the tank

    Spray Magic weekly to eliminate your daily odors.

And Here's a Word from One of Our Customers:

Just a note to let you know that I used the Magic by Odorxit you sent me with the Teakguard kit on both the head and bilge on in my boat, and I am very pleased to report that both the OdorXit and the Teak Guard Teak Finish performed beyond expectations. The odor from the holding tank and the bilge have just disappeared and the teak looks better that it has ever looked since I got the boat. A double header, who'd of thought. Thanks!*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Get Boat Head Odor Removal so Fast and Easy You Won't Believe It!

Buy OdorXit Concentrate for head odor removal

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